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To the end of things

New mesh horns from [europa]...  crazy cheap and in loads of colours Horns: [europa] - Lokyli horns, cream (new) Skin: Nivaro - Emersom skin, cream tone Hair: [Anaphora]: Jayden - Champagne (modded) Eyes: Left - Dead Apples -  Sinistre, Drowned Brown Right - Dead Apples - Sinistre, Blind Brown Make up: 1. La Malvada Mujer - Yes Sir #4 2. La Malvada Mujer - Yes Sir #1 3. ::VyC:: - Smokey Eyes (not necessarily in that order :p) Pose: Mine Location - Home

...Invisible to you

Mesh Tattoo: [Sleepy Bozer] - Flutters @ Frost (new) Pants: [Pumpkin] - Sweat pants (new) Build: Scarlet Creative For William Weaver Art Gallery (new)(MP) Pose: Del May Poses - Lay here

Heavenly oversight

Hood: Miamai - Silente Hood (new) Sleeves: SiniStyle - Lillith Sleeves Bracers:  SiniStyle - Azazal Bracers Tattoo - +nuuna+ - makeups v12 - 7 Tattoo: Uncut - Paradise tattoo Skin: Nivaro - Zan Ghost tone Pose: Del May Poses - Stoic

So now where?

Jacket: =kk= - Stroke jacket (new) Hud - 5 colours.. with and without tee Hair: taketomi -Quay (new)
Pose: Mine

Afraid to see

Hoodie: Folk - Urban male mesh hoodie (new)
Goggles: [Contraption] - Official's Goggles *Hooligan*(new) Ring: (epoque) - Destructive Ring - Obsidian // homme(new) Location:Voshie's sim

Farewell to pasts...

OCD time again at The Arcade Coat: [Deadwool] - Duster coat, black (new) Hat: Miamai - TCS Unicorn. black, rare, (The Arcade) Bag: [Sleepy Eddy] - Leather Body Bag (UK).rare (The Arcade) Radio: Teefy - Cassette radio Britsh. rare (The Arcade) Sweater: [iruco] Thin knit, high neck Pants: Ronsem - cargo pants, black Boots: .::Energie::.  - Cargo Boots Gloves: Tonktastic - Protection gloves

Hat: Miamai - TCS Unicorn black, rare(gatcha, The Arcade) Skin: Nivaro - Zan skin, ghost tone Eyes: Dead Apples - Sinistre - Blind grey
Location: Water Reserve

Rewind it.... repeat!

Hair: Exile - Revolver - Midnight (new) Skin: <TheAbyss> - Scorpio_Dystopia[1]A Smooth Harness: DPD - Weapons Harness II - Dark (modded) (marketplace) Claws: [ni.Ju] - Claws Piercings: <-Puncture-> - Dermal Spike Implants (Hips) Male Pants: Deviance - leather pants, Black Belt: Manticorp - Gunslinger Belt w/shells, Pelvis, black Pose: Del May Poses - Avoid Me Male Background textures and lighting: Skye - Dungeon texture pack

Make up: +nuuna+ -  Zion 2, Black tatt +nuuna+ -  makeups v12 - 7 +nuuna+ - makeups v12 - 4 Miamai - InMutatio Homme Lips 03 Eyes: Right: Clemm - Glass eyes Left: Dead Apples - Sinistre, Blind Grey Pose: Del May Poses - Precious face

Wondering when...

Shirt: Ronsem - Military Shirt2  (new) Jeans: Romsem - Straight Jeans. jet black Skin: Kento - Preston T1 Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Leon, Black Eyes: .ID. - Liquid eyes/mens dept, Light green (previous event) Pose: flowey - wonderful wonderful

No talking, just looking

Skin: Nivaro - Emerson (new) Eyes: .ID. - Warrior, Hazel (mesh) Hair: Taketomi - Keiji Black 03 Hairbase: Aitui - Etched hairbase, Momentum 002 - Black Pose: [LAP] - M-DoobieDoo PR4 Links will be added when I can tp
PC seems to be developing something terminal so this is my last post before it dies.

Always... up to no good

More Mesh \o/ Mask: Tonktastic - Combat mask (new) Hud driven, ten designs and resizable Jacket: Ronsem - leather jacket, black (new) Baseball bat: TonkTastic - Spikes baseball bat Three different textures and holding animation for scripted version. 3 non scripred versions. Gloves: TonkTastic -  Protection gloves Hud driven.. Colour change and each hand is posable Jeans: Ronsem - Straight Jeans, jetblack Boots: J's - Short boots lace up Knee pad: Defectiva - Special Forces set - left knee pad Tags: Tokugawa - Holotags Tattoo: Repulse - Agony Stomach Wound

The more I see, the less I believe

Hair: Dura - *boy 39 dark brown (new) Skin: Kento - Preston, T1 Eyes - .I.D. - Deep Colors (Previous Mens Dept.) Make up: VyC - Smokey eyes Top: Sey Ensemble & Cut-off Necklace - Kosh - Adain, brass (Mens Dept.) (new)

Can't ever quite die

Skin: Nivaro - Zan (new) Jaw: ContraptioN - tungsten (new) Eyes:  Dead Apples - Sinistre lLfeless Bleached (new) Make up: ::VyC:: - Smoky Eyes Make up: Clemm - Sleepless day 6 black (new) Hair base: Fruk - Black hairbase Face tattoo: Repulse - Torn cheek Neck Tattoo: Repulse - Slit Throat Claws: [in.Ju] - Blood tipped claws Pose: Del May Poses -Sickness

A pain that I'm used to

Skin: Fruk - Fade to grey - Lennon skin Hair: Boon - DTU831 hair ash Ears: []Trap[] - Gelf ears (new) Body tattoo: [Gauze] Idra tattoo/ Gargoyle (new) Face make up: 1. Clemm - Sleepless Day 6 2. +Nuuna+ - Zion black Eyes: Dead Apples - Sinistre Darkness/Bleached (new) Claws: [in.Ju] Claws Legs: Titanias - Faun Obsidian Location: Alirium

The Gelf ears come with a hud for colour change of skin, glow, transparency, size etc.
The body tattoo comes in loads of different colours.

Will destroy us all, make us crawl

Skin: FRUK - Fade to grey - lennon skin Hair: [Burley] - Carlo Hairbase: FRUK - Black hairbase (new) Top: TonkTastic - Tactical Sweater [Cotton] (new) Jeans: Ronsem - Straight Jeans / jetblack (new) Gloves: Deco - Mesh Pilot gloves /gravel (new) Boots: Deco - Mesh Brawler Boots / gravel (new) Pose: Del May Poses - Orderly Queue 16m Location: William Weaver - Build 004 
*Top: TonkTastic - Tactical Sweater [Cotton] (new) * Hud driven.. colour change, top and sleeve length options. (Also available in woolen, sold separately) Pose: Del May Poses - Slobbin' (new)
Mesh pet attachment: [Manticore] - Fenrir v2

I'll take it as a sign

Top: SEY - Ensemble_01_(C/sweater) Cut-off_version (new) Pants: Aahakee - xs_Charcoal Minimal D pants (new) Ears: Mandala - Steking ears (new) Pose: :::Lithium:: - Hip Bar v3 (new)

Wants this world to burn

Armour: ::: Bare Rose ::: -  Gaap Horns: [][]Trap[][] - Obsidian Crown Ears: [europa] Sylven ears ivory (dark) Staff (top photo) Eldritch - Lambentea Staff Wings: [europa] - Nyxus wings Gold tips Legs: [europa] - Dravyn legs (Humanoid) Mask: [ContraptioN] - The Four Eyed *leather Hair: "LoQ Hairs" Grappa Cellini - Black Pose: Del May Poses - Catch 

Only inches away from me...

Mesh avatars: etam - Slender man mesh avatar (new) Pose 1: (window) Del May Poses - Slumped Walk Pose 2 - my own Location: William Weaver - Edward Hopper Build 001

Watch the visions get faster

Coat: [Sheep Door] Duffle Coat Check male(S) (new) Pose: Del May Poses - Taxiii! (new) Gloves: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Black Scarf:  Bother - Wooly, Colorchange Location:  * C i c a *

Right as rain

Just a nice place to take a photo or two Skin:Nivaro - Cunov skin Hair (no longer available) Eyes: Clemm - ReSnick eyes, Black Sclera (new) Face tattoo: +nuuna+ -  Makeups v12 4 male (new) Lip tattoo:  -Damned- - Carbon make up 1 Scarf: ::Static:: - Original reaper Scarf Top: Scars - mesh T shirt black Pants: Chronokit - Military Sorrouel, black Shoes: Vader's All-Black

No one should ever want to talk to the dead

Euphoria is hosting a Halloween event which starts today Skin: +Nuuna+ - Creep male Bodysuit: Clemm - DD suit (Halloween Event) (New) Hair: Discord Designs -  EFB01 Hat: Last Eden - Flippin the Bone Claws: [in.Ju] Claws Pose: Del May Poses - Cold Water

Staring cold and silent

Cap: Ronsem - Knit Cap3 (Limited Group gift for October only) (new) Parka: - .:villena:. - Fleece Parka, Gray (new) Left eye: Clemm - Snicket Glass eyes (mesh) (new) Right eye: Clemm - White Glass eyes (mesh) (new) Necklace: Flightless - Deer Bead Necklace, (Pearl) (Gatcha - rare) (new)Arcade Skin: Nivaro - Cunoc skin - Ghoststone Make up: ::VyC:: - Smoky Eyes Lip tattoo: Miamai -InMutatio Homme Lips 03 Background - [AF] Forest Screen Skin, Parka and Necklace - as before Pants: Chronokit - Military Sarrouel pants (black) Shoes: Vader's all black Hair: [Burley] - Hans Location: Abiss - Minime Series IV Skybox

The alternative to real world....

Skin: Fruk - Fade to grey- Lennon skin Hair: Birth - Stripe hair - Onyx Head tattoo: +Nuuna+ - Zion, Black Collar: Mechcollar Armband: [sYs] (part of) Stardust outfit Body Tattoo - no longer available Pants: Chronokit - Military Sarrouel Pants, Black (new) Feet: Slink -Natural barefeet Pose: Del May Poses - Stealth Mode (out soon) Sofa: [AF] IONIC Sofa (The Mens Dept.) Screen: [AF] IONIC Screen  (The Mens Dept.)

Live at a distance

Another round of The Men's Dept. Event and a few other things

Skin: {essences} - Derek (@The Mens Dept.) Beanie/hair: (fd) Beanie Baby - Grayscale 3 Jacket: Hooorenbeek - Military jacket, black Jeans: Not So Bad (new) Tags: THI - Holo tags Sofa:[AF] IONIC Sofa  (@The Mens Dept.) Screen: [AF] IONIC Screen (@The Mens Dept.) Fennux Scarf Pet : Fennux - (Western with hot pink eyes) Pre order  gift

Location - Nordari

This is an emergency

*[ContraptioN] The Time Watcher's Gear  (new) (Steam 7 Hunt ) *Jacket: Kauna - Military Retro Jacket *Pants: Ronsem - JJ1 Pants (mesh) / male-brown *Cap: LaViere - Cashmere Flat Cap cocoa/Black UnRigged (worn backwards) (new) (@ FaMESHed) *Boots: (r)M - Riven Boot *mesh* *Socks: (part of) *DL* Baggers boots Hair: [BURLEY] - Carlo_Black01 Gloves:1st Act - Devil's Finger - brown Pose: Del May Poses - Rush Hour (* denotes Mesh items)  The jacket, trim and buttons  can be any colour you want Pose: Del May Poses - Never (new)

Blue, blue, electric blue

Newness from [PIXEL] Yay and stuff Arms: [-p-] EssenPuppet [BLUE] (new) Eyes: Fate eyes *mesh* Face tattoo: [ContraptioN] Mercurious Nightmare mouth Tattoo Skin: FRUK - Fade to grey Head tattoo: +Nuuna+ Zion 2 White tat. (M) Hair: Anaphoria - Jayden_Linen Pose: Del May Poses - Gloved up (new) (soon)

Like a dead man hiding in the dark

So new blog post, yay and stuff! *Flicks cobwebs off blog... coughs a bit*   Coat: [Pumpkin] - Tweed Coat, Black/red (new) Face Tattoo: *League* Zombie Bite Ripped Cheek (with blood splatter) Tattoo Hood: [ContraptioN] - Mister Odd Hood Mask: *~*Illusions*~* - Zanni mask Claws: [ni.Ju] Blood Tipped Claws Pants: [Iruco] Cropped trousers (epoch event) Boots: J's - Short Boots, black Socks: Maitreya - Scruched Prim socks
Location: Looking Glass ( in tunnels below theatre)

Get someplace else

The Men's Dept. Event kicks off again tomorrow so here are a couple of things from there and a couple that aren't. Skin: Nivaro - Crow skin, springtone, Backwoods (New) (The Mens Dept) [Pumpkin] : Leather jacket (Grunge) (New) (The Mens Dept)  (Mesh) TonkTastik - Protection Gloves (Includes hud for colour and hand pose) (New)  (Mesh) Boots: J's - Short boots (New)  (Mesh) Frogs: [Manticore]: Froggie (Mesh) Hair: Raw House - Orlando Pants: not so bad - Mungo jeans, black (Mesh)
Location: Crystal Dunes (It is only open to the public until the 8th of August)

Finally free

The Vintage Fair will be starting on the 4th August.  The event will be across three sims. Event sponsors are Aura, Belleza, Cheeky Pea, coldLogic, Gizza Creations, Indyra Originals, PurpleMoon Creations, oOo Studio and Trompe Loeil. I will post Surls as soon as the event opens. Butterflies (wearable prop): Baffle - paper butterflies (The Vintage Fair) Location: William Weaver - Build 004

Wait and see

Some new mesh stuff Jacket: Hoorenbeek - Military Jacket, green *Mesh* (new) Top: Hermony - Tank top Camo Green Pants: Ronsem - JJ1 pants *mesh* Boots:TonkTastic - Gumboots (new) Location: Roche

Play dead, be dead

Skin: Abyss -  ID 1208-4_SKIN [Bald][Zombie] Eyes: Repulse - Antique Eyes (Dark) Cut Tattoo: FRUK - FuQd FAce - Cheek gash (new)