Monday, 30 April 2012

Melted away

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Ryan 01 (new)

From the only album worth listening to right now.
Lyrics that kick you in the face.

"Never wanted to play guitar. Ever. Everyone plays guitar. What's the point." ~ Jack White

Monday, 23 April 2012

As far as the eyes can see

Yet another new skin from the body co.
Now they're just showing off. :p
Skin: the body co. - Breeze (04 medium) Black (new)
Pose: DM - Punctual Male (you're ditched) (new)

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012

Some stuff from Fantasy Faire 2012

Skin: [gauze] Nude - Steel drow - M-  lit brow
Hair and hairbase: Wasabi Pils - teeloh male *mesh* hair, Iceberg
Eyes: [Guaze] - Sin eyes, pride
Antlers: [ni.Ju] - Portmanteau, white
Ears: Schadenfreude - Changeling ears
Necklace: Refind Wild -  Pewter totem necklace , Fox
Faun legs: [gauze] - faun white
Tail:{lemon tea}- Upright Demon tail (ethereal)
Staff: .Eldritch. - Lambentea staff
Tattoo: .Eldritch. -  Nathair Tattoo
Grass: MG - Pandoria magic grass
Dandelions: radioactive dandelions
Pose: [LAP] - M-SnS - Nobody Knows

Here be dragons

Welll it's that time again... yes it's Fantasy Faire time! Everybody ready?
So this natty little costume is what I shall be wearing as I  make my way round the place.
I might ditch the ciggy and get a halo instead because this mesh outfit makes me low prim/lag/render weight.. all of that kind of stuffs. My render weight is just over 2000.. and green! It's never green! Always red and a billion trillion.
So, my point is, have a think about what you're gonna wear if you go to  an event like this. Because if your thought process is  "Fantasy  faire! I know! I'l go as a mermaid and use every attatch point and wear  four thousand prims.. and that's just my hair!" If you think like that, well FU and I will derender your ass!
Yeah, I know, rant, lecture, bleargh,  but I'd just like to see some of it rezz in my lifetime, you know?
Costume: Loki - Mesh Dragon, green

Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Playing the angel

Because I am a martyr to the cause, I went to the Pose Fair annnnd the Kawaii Fair on the same day. Shant be doing that again in a hurry...
Can't say I was looking very hard at the pose fair, was more interested in finding props than anything but didn't find much. But, there were some amusing ones.. Werewolf poses, that's all I'm going to say....
Anyway, back to this post. So, yeah , lagged my way round the Kawaii fair, I really did time that badly and there really wasn't much that I could wear, there were mesh hoodies and stuff but not unisex. There were toaster backpacks which are great too but they don't fit. :(
But luckily, I found some nice bits and pieces, especially these wings  that come in several styles and colour change and I got really lucky on the gatchas.  XD
Skin: the body co. - Mint, 01fair
Hair: Drot -Vincent , Black ice
Wings: **Cute Bytes** Chibi Wings - OUCH (Kawaii Fair 2012)
Watch: **Cute Bytes** Watch - Bee (gatcha) (Kawaii Fair 2012)
Pose: Flowey. wonderful wonderful (Kawaii Fair 2012 & the Pose Fair 2012)
❤❤❤◕‿◕ ❤❤❤

Skin: the body co. - Mint, 01fair
Hair: Drot -Vincent , blue
Eyes: Dead Apples - Nebula Blue
Mouthie:[*RD*]*Mustache Poptart! Pink Icing-Mouthie-Ultra Rare* (gatcha) (Kawaii Fair 2012)
Cupcakes: Dead Apples -  cupcakes family

Skin: the body co. - Mint, 01fair

Eyes:  Dead Apples - Nebula Grey
Hair: Drot -Vincent , Black ice
Pose: Apple Spice - Casual Male 004 (Kawaii Fair 2012 & the Pose Fair 2012)
Chair: Selene: Blue kawaii Sofa (marketplace)
Watch: **Cute Bytes** Watch - Bee (gatcha) (Kawaii Fair 2012)
Mouthie:[*RD*]*Mustache Poptart! Pink Icing-Mouthie-Ultra Rare* (gatcha) (Kawaii Fair 2012)

Toast held: [*RD*]*Crazy Toast! Pink and White Fur-Rare*  (gatcha) (Kawaii Fair 2012)
Toast on ground: [*RD*]*Starry-Eyed Toast! Pink Fur-Rare*  (gatcha) (Kawaii Fair 2012)
Toaster backpack: *Epic* Kawaii Happy Toaster Backpack {Blue} RS
Round Backpack: **Cute Bytes* Roundy Kawaii BackPack (Color Change)

Sunday, 15 April 2012

I could sleep...

A couple of new bits of mesh. :)
Snoozing with the mee-pet roos
Skin: the body co. - Mint Light
Hair: Raw House -  Destroyer 2
Hairbase: Aitui - Etched hairbase - Monumentum (x2)
Jeans: [Pumpkin] - Classic jeans, black (new)
Sneakers: Adjunct - Canvas sneaker, Black  (new)
Step Ladder: [kusshon] old step ladder with sparrows...waiting for spring
WL setting - Places Cromac

Saturday, 14 April 2012

And about time...

Just a quick post to say the new Gos boots are finally out. :)
                                                   Skin: the body co. - mint 01fair
Hair: Raw House - Khaos , black
Hairbase: Aitui - standard 005
Hoodie: nanuk - Erland swearshirt, grey
Pants: Ronsem - cargo pants, black
Leg scarf: Sinistyle - leg tie bandana
Boots: Gos - Ttriumph boot male (new)

Black flowers blossom

You know that time in the morning when you're not quite awake but your brain's already doing it's own thing? Well, this is the image that popped into my head while my brain was mashing two lots of song lyrics together. I just had to try and get it on the page, so to speak. SL has it's own challenges but that's part of the fun (so I've been told). Anyway, it's an improvement on on sorting out roo chaos at a stupid hour.
So, I've had this tattoo knocking about in my invo a while and the butterflies, even longer so, time they saw the light of day.

Skin: the body co. - Mint, fair
Tattoo: Hysteria - Mutatio
Hair: Raw House - Khaos , black
Hairbase: Aitui - standard 005
Butterflies: *aG* - Butterfly Fiesta
Pose: DM - Stalemate (Special request mod on one pose)
Location: JASstore: Skybox - The blue room

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Still grey

New stuuufff!
New top from Scars, buy the fatpack, it's easier.
Also, stumbled across this mask the other day on MP that actually fits. You get three versions.. patterns, symbols and flags. There is a free demo, so give it a go.
Jeans are same as my last post  just a different colour. Did I mention I'm never taking them off?
Skin: the body co. Mint - 01Fair
Hair: -Entente- Yves hair, white
Hairbase: -Entente- - Thibaut B&W White
Eyes: Ibanez - Signatue - Moonlight
Mask:  <H> : urban mask, patterns, male
Top: Scars - mesh t shirt for belt, white
Jeans: not so bad - Mungo jeans, grey
Feet: Slink - Mens natural barefeet (mesh rigged)

Stool: *Y's HOUSE* Garden Stool 003 (WP)
Location:*Y's HOUSE* OMISE002[1/4] (Group gift)

Wednesday, 11 April 2012


Seeing as I can't seem to string a coherent sentence together about these jeans, I will leave you with some tags.
never taking them off
buy the frigging fat packs

Jeans: not so bad - Mungo jeans, Black
Belt: not so bad - Mungo Belt

lazy-arsed raw photo

I prefer the remix by Rotoskop but anyway, enjoy. :)

Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Devil's in the details

The best wing creator also makes*the* best horns.
Huuuuuu !
And you don't just get one colour, you get twenty-four. Holy crap !
(see colour chart below)
So, pick your jaw up off the floor and go get them!
Skin: Tableau Vivant - 4.44.444 black
Hair: Angel - John, Onyx
Hairbase: Aitui - Hair base 002
Horns: [europa] - Maelus Horns - Honey 
Claws: [ni.Ju] - Blood tipped claws
Legs: Titania - Black faun
Location: Sinistyle sim

24 different colours
Vendor poster by kind permission of creator.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

Halcyon days

Another in my occassional series "I'm never taking this shit off!"
Firstly...the body co... with a skin called Mint.... Holy fuck! It finally fixes all the  things that used to bug the hell out of me with previous skins. So hurrah!
Secondly... Slink have  released the male version of the mesh feet. Huuuu!
Really well done,  a lot of thought went into getting these right, and they did! It really is easy to get the colour right and to fit you correctly, there is even a little video tutorial. :)
Skin: the body co. - Mint - 01 Fair black hair
Hair: ::Exile:: - AJ:Midnight
Jeans:  [nv] jeans mesh black avg
Feet: Slink - Mens natural barefeet (mesh rigged)
Pose: DM - Stuck with me male

Friday, 6 April 2012

Someone like you

Right so, Men's Dept. is a monthy event for guys with clothes and stuff.
Designers include FRUK, Shag, Cheerno, Balaclava! and Sleepy Eddy.
It starts on April 7th so go check it out.
Skin: FRUK - Knox skin shade 3 - The Gent - black bald (Men's Dept.)
Beard: FRUK - Fuzz face (Men's Dept.)
Hair: **Dura-Boy**05 black
Eyes: Redgrave - David
Make up ::VyC:: - Smokey Eyes
Hairbase: Aitui - Standard hairbase 003
Tank: Ronsem: Tank hole black small (*MESH*)
Pants: <kal rau> -  Baggy Jeans Dark M2
Pose: DM - Nameless male