Thursday, 28 June 2012

Tomorrow, I know...

The MHOH7 is still going on until the 17th July.
I wouldn't say it took a long time to find this hunt item, but I got three tees from the lucky boards while I  was searching... ffs lol
So my hint is, get reinforcements to help you and derender the fuck out of everything.
I hate hunts.
Skin: Nivaro - Cunov skin, ghostone
Hair: Raw House - Trilby, Black
Make up: Damned - carbon make up 1 &4
Make up: [ni.Ju] - Vektra - Night eye
Jacket: *BC322 - Bone leather jacket (new) (MHOH7)
Jeans: Ispachi - Mesh casual jeans, Black

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Illuminate me

 New ears from [europa]
Visit or purchase from MP
Skin: Nivaro - Cunov skin, ghostone
Hair: Shag - Riot Act
Makeup: la malvada Mujer - Yes Sir #1
Ears: [europa] - Sylvan Ears - Ivory, dark (new)

Skin tones

Vendor info

Saturday, 23 June 2012

As the light fades

A couple of things going on at the moment, one being the Fairy Tales 2012 Event and GSP has just kicked off again today.

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Damon v.I (Fairy Tales 2012) (new)
Hair: Raw House - Sorcha Black 01 (Fairy Tales 2012) (new)
Ears: Illusions - Seelie ears
Antlers, make up  and eyes: Dead Apples - Wilding ( GSP Event) (new)

Wednesday, 20 June 2012


I know I'm probably supposed to be blogging a blazer thing but I really can't be bothered...
So, off to my favourite haunt and it's sunk  :O
Yes, Treptower Park is now 50 feet under water! Ha ha! The ****ers!
I questioned the locals, (see below) they were a tad hostile, to say the least.
But the park is still there, so just take some breathing gear and watch out for floating debris, like huge chunks of submarines.

Me: What happened to the park?
Sheep: That wouldn't be a sheepskin jacket, would it?
Me: Er.. would it be a a problem if it was?
Sheep: Not to me but maybe to you... if you want to keep your kneecaps...

Location - Treptower park

Skin: Nivaro - Cunov skin, Ghosttone nohair buzz
Hair: 99Hair - Iekelene
Eyes: ID - Liquid eyes, dark green
Face Tattoo: :LP: - Hornet face
Body Tattoo: :LP: - Just a number
Implant: [Contraption] - Eye implant *Gunmetal*
Jacket: Tonktastic - Legend Flight jacket 
Shorts: Razorblade Jacket - Worn Jean Shorts (mesh)
Boots: [Gos] Triumph Boots (mesh)
Socks: (sock part only) DL Baggers Boots (mesh)
Set location - Nuwiggles - Forever Alone Prop Box [Animated]

From the new album

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Look what you started

A few new things. :)
Skin: the body co. - Sky 03 light
Hair: [Atro Patena] - Nathan (new)
Hairbase: Aitui - Standard hairbase 02
Tattoo: Seven of Himeji - Hasta La meurte (new)
Jeans: ispachi - Casual jeans, Black (mesh)
Feet: Slink - Mens natural barefeet (mesh rigged)
Pose: My own

My favourite place

Location - Treptower park, eagle crest

Monday, 11 June 2012

That's right, lay down...

Decided  to put some clothes on for a change.

Hat/Hair: [Atro Patena] - Ethan, Jet
Outfit: [Pumpkin] - Outfit A (mesh)
Boots: J U D U S ::: The Revolution - Dio Boots, Pitch
Pose: My own
Location: Abiss Design Gazebo - Pergola

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Play my games

Skin: the body co - sky 03 light
Hair: Shag - Pipeline (Chic2 new)
Necklace: Kosh - Sanctuary necklace [inverted] (Zombie Popcorn new)
Tattoo: Pugly - I wanna do bad things belly tat
Pose: DM - Punctual Male (you're ditched)

Friday, 8 June 2012

Believe it or not

The Mens Dept. event for June is up and running.
Hair: Shag - Choke (cut) Shadow (The Mens Dept.)
Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Deep colors for Mens Dept - Brown (The Mens Dept.)
Props and pose animation: POST - DeWitt Shaving Set (The Mens Dept.)
Shaving cream: Mad' - Gilette 4 men (shave right)

Monday, 4 June 2012

CHIC² Event

Yes, it's CHIC management's 2nd birthday! 
And, yes, I've gone blond for the occassion. o.o
And yes,  no make up! o.o
IMO, this is the best skin for blonds right now and you're a dummy if you don't go get it.
Transport to  CHIC²

Skin: FRUK - Knox blond (CHIC²)
Hair/hat: [Atro Petena] Ethan Strawberry (CHIC²)
Eyes: IKON - Utopia Eyes, Light Hazel
Necklace: Maxi Gossamer - Eden sun Pendant, mini orbit, long (CHIC²)

Sunday, 3 June 2012

It almost makes sense

A few things I've not blogged before.
Skin: >London< - London Skin - Light
Facial Hair: Emortal concepts - Facial Hair tattoo, Salt 'n'Pepper full beard
Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard - Liquid Eyes, dark Green
Make up:  ::VyC:: - Smokey Eyes
Scar:VCD - Express yourself , Scar, Cut Eyebrow right b
Tattoo:[ Sleepy bozer] - Insomnia, Full black (2 layers worn)