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They Say I Made The Moon

 Hair: Raven Bell Skin: Clef de Peau Headdress: Tentacio Noche - Tyler Loin cloth

Seeing Red

  Skin: Stray Dog - Tulio Hair: Wings - TZ 0525 Eyes: Euphoria

Black Sky In The Daytime

  Wet Cat - Forsaken backdrop

A standard polaroid

La Malvada Mujer - Dream On tattoo Sintiklia - Hair Eric Bliensen + MaiTai - Kitsune - gold - Earring Clef de Peau.Evan@TMD (new) Top1Salon -  HD Nathany Eyeshadow@Equal10  (new)

Exit light

[Gild] Mesh tank@Anthem [Deadwool] Shelby boots@Anthem [SS] Driving Glove@TMD Clef de Peau.Evan T1@TMD Odiren - Alex Jogger Pants Matova - Ramses Arm Wraps AKUJI Cap - Empty Ana Poses - Dhaka 4 Paparazzi - Loading Bay 3

The last thing you'll see, is me

-[TWC]- Shitsumei Blk/Red tram H0531 hair [ContraptioN] Dapper Dandy's Gloves *ASTROM* A Jake 2.0 Hotdog - open coat . Male . Black toksik - Remnant Pants Pose: Inertia - Stand alone Location ~ Delicatessen - Tell Me A Story