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::GB:: M51  Jacket (RARE)@The Epiphany (new) RKKN. Finn's Pants Long Black@Man Cave (new) [ Versov ] Oldov_Limited Edition Sneakers @Man Cave (new) Entwined - Nina@Shiny Shabby (new) Jian - Cuddly Corgis 2. Blu Merle Companion@The Epiphany (new) Jian - Cuddly Corgis 5. Black Tri Companion@The Epiphany (new) Minimal - Soho Build -snow version

There's no place like home

JIAN Hamster Habitat Mithral * Lemon Lime Philodendron (White Pot) dust bunny . kitchen clutter . banana hanger (new) +Half-Deer+ Maneki-Neko (Lucky Cat) - Tri-Color :HAIKEI: Seeing all the lights on / GACHA / {4}@K9 (new) [Merak] - Hot Chocolate ionic : Sofa Blanquito @TC4 (new) / frag.ment's / Mono Rug (Light Grey) [Merak] - Canvas Sneakers Decor Second Spaces - Bradley fireplace - white smoke@ C88(new) [ keke ] shimmer stars in a dish .04 [ kunst ] - Grimoire Soy. Turntable [Aged Silver] Soy. Men's Torso Mannequin (short) MudHoney Carter Label Box - White MudHoney Carter Label Box - Black [ keke ] frame on a stick - addyourown L/M/S .06 [ kunst ] - Palmistry Hand / black +Half-Deer+ Requiem Moon - Skull Planter (Black) JIAN Wall-Mounted Betta Tank Soy. Transistor Television [Black] / frag.ments' / Book Clutters ..::THOR::.. Motorcycles Book :CP: Vetur Falkland Books [Con.] Fossil Hunter - Ammonite [ keke ] shimmer stars in a jar 4.erratic / coc - taxidermy raven 17.erratic / coc - beetle jar…

Everyone says 'Hi'

15. Lagom - N.Y Loft [Bed] Adult @Lootbox (new) tarte. dreamcatcher (light)@C88 (new) Mithral * Monstera Adansonii (White Pot)@ K9 (new) Mithral * Metal + Glass Plant Stand (Black)@ K9 (new) {-Maru Kado-} torso-M02 (snow/2Li)@The Seasons Story (new) [ keke ] crystal on stick 2 . black@Uber(new) [ keke ] crystal on stick 1 . black@Uber(new) Hideki - Wall Shelf A - white wood @C4 (new) ..::THOR::.. Andraus Helmet - RARE K9 (new) ..::THOR::.. Tassel Rug@ K9 (new) VARONIS - Neve Skybox @Fameshed (new) 10. Lagom - N.Y Loft [Decopillow] @Lootbox (new) / frag.ment's / Aromatherapy  ( Rain ) (Group Gift) Soy. Folded tee [black] (Group Gift) Soy. Folded tee [white] (Group Gift) C L A Vv. Just Black Stuff - Book Clutter :HAIKEI: Always be there_Gacha / {7} :HAIKEI: Paradiso / Gacha / {6} :HAIKEI: Seeing all the lights on / GACHA / {3} :HAIKEI: Feels Like Romance / GACHA / {2} Glam-Safebox MadPea Retro Audio Small Speaker Left and Right 03 Fancy Decor: Warden Bench O.M.E.N - Dog Park Day - 5 - Mr. Moo JIAN Forest C…

The Perfect Pseudonym

+AH+ Nightwalker Vest@TMD (new) +AH+ Nightwalker Pants@TMD (new) Modulus - Miles Hair@TMD (new) :::SOLE::: SA - Central Core (Black) Ghoul - Rinkusu Neon Necklace - Teal :::SOLE::: SA - Headset LUNA :::SOLE::: SA - greave (Black) (AB) (Flash) Antinatural[+] Metamorphose2077 / Power Gloves / RARE / SG@Lootbox (new) {S0NG} Chuu Eyes - Lootbox 02 - Catwa Applier RARE@Lootbox (new) Represent - The Godly Sneaker [The Forge] Ion Phase Katana Zibska Xylo Lips Catwa Applier Zibska Araceli Lips Zibska Viki Catwa Applier

Cold light of day

::GB:: Fur Fuzzy Jacket @Man Cave (new) -SU!- Medora Eyes #16  @No.21(new) .etiquette. Hugo Jeans Bootcut Black @Man Cave (new) .etiquette. Hugo Boots Black @Man Cave (new) tiller - Shawn's Beanie@No.21(new)
Foxcity - Photo Booth - Old Station @K9 (new) Saintstreet - Winter Scene Backdrop@ Dubai (new)

Santa Claus is coming to town!

Me Vango. Zack (2Tone) NOCHE. Pajama Onesie Gift - Jake (Group gift) (new) Eclat - Naughty Headband (Villena Group gift) (new) Hotdog - Multi-tasker holidays . Hand baubel @K9 (new) Jourdan - Natural Eyelashes (new) Foxcity - Multicolour Xmas Butt Prop (lights) @Naughty or Nice (new) [ht:apparel] dino slippers
Jourdan  Modulus - Ray NOCHE. Pajama Onesie Gift - Jake (Group gift) (new) Eclat - Nice Headband (Villena Group gift) (new) Jourdan - Natural Eyelashes (new) Ovrsz - Silver earring Foxcity - Multicolour Xmas Butt Prop (lights) @Naughty or Nice (new)

Decor Di'Cor Marilyn Fireplace [White] Trompe Loeil - Yasmine Noel Winter Cutout Small @C88 (new) JIAN Kringle's Kittens 2. Silver @Epiphany (new) JIAN Kringle's Kittens 3. Silver Snowflake @Epiphany (new) JIAN Kringle's Kittens 1. Triple Stuffer RARE @Epiphany (new) dust bunny . season of giving . owl plushie  @Epiphany (new) +Half-Deer+ Warm & Fuzzy - Oh What Fun Sleigh - Red @The Arcade (new) Trompe Loeil - Dashing Through The Snow C…