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Family Portrait

.Shi:  Patch Mechanics 2.Red RARE (The Arcade) Eyes: Dead Apples - Anime Eyes - Posessed Lip tattoo - Lovely Disarray - I'm no priest, version 1 Lip Hair: [taketomi] -_Masato_Black  Jacket: Contraption - Gunmetal* Gavin

Captive audience

Pixel Star: Photo Box - Stage Two (new) (MP) Oyasumi : Ladder light (dark) / plugged (new) ::Beetlebones:: - Arctic Friends Snowshoe Hare Pal (grey) Boxed (gacha) *DOLLCOCO* - Rabbit Avatar(Gift)

Rabbit piano pose - mine

Set the stage

As seen in a previous blog post of mine, this great Photo Box is now for sale Pixel Star - Photo Box Series - Photo Box 1 (MP)

Stay tuned

So, lots going on right now, C88, The Chapter Four, The Mens Dept. The CNY Event, The Neighborhood and FLF all in this post.
Hideki - Typography Desk (RARE) @The Chapter Four 7 - Shortwave Radio set @C88 7 - Star Charts @C88 7 - Jukebox DC108C @C88 7 - Filmore Factore Waste Basket (rust 1) (gacha) 7 - Easily Offended Sign 7 - Slide Projector (on crate) Vespertine -nils sofa /denimi @ TMD Vespertine - clipped prints @TMD *Tatty Soup* - Junk Shop Rug {2} Build: L2 Studio - Kowloon Memory (mesh)
[ARIA] Adelaide bed @ TMD Hideki - Robot Lamp (gacha) @The Chapter Four 8f8: Bird Cage@ The CNY Event tarte.  - Starry mirror (metals) (The Neighbourhood) Ionic - cat-motion tv @The Chapter Four Pilot - Potted Plant Shelves Cheeky Pea: Painter's Armchair Cheeky Pea: Sweetwater Bench Sky [Ink]: Plain curtain ::S
7 - Floor Bulb Hideki - Butterfly Taxidermy (gacha) @The Chapter Four Schadenfreude White Plastic Flamingo (head up) (gacha) .: Standby Inc. - Neko Sushi Bento (gacha) (A previous Arcade) Rug: Concrete Flowers…