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See the light

Burley - Jax (new) ::GB::Wrap stole (TMP_slink) White (new) Cureless [+] Cutie Coven Eyes/ Rose /Dark -SU!- Red Touch Makeup [High] .ARISE. Smokey Eyes / Black_Red


Wearing: [Iruco] Gift (Dec 2016) - Tophat (new) [Iruco] Gift (Dec 2016) - Moustache(bk) (new) ::C'est la vie !:: Til muffler ::GB:: Side wrap long coat / Black
Decor 8f8 - No Place of Ours - Winterish (new) 01 - 8f8 - Sewing own Happiness - Homemade Joy ***RARE (new) 03 - 8f8 - Sewing own Happiness - Basket Bunny (new) 07 - 8f8 - Sewing own Happiness - Night owl (new) 07 - 8f8 - Sewing own Happiness - Antarctica Cold (new) 05 - 8f8 - Sewing own Happiness - Counting Sheep (new) 06 - 8f8 - Sewing own Happiness - Falling Beauty (new) 09 - 8f8 - Sewing own Happiness - Walk in the Woods (new) Schadenfreude Cuddle Sir Badger! RARE @ The Arcade (new) Modulus - Fire Pit @ Shiny Shabby(new) Modulus - Cog Stool  @ Shiny Shabby(new) JIAN :: Arctic Fox Burrow (#unitedandkind Event) (Exclusive item) JIAN Arctic Fox :: Static Sleep R (FLF) (new) JIAN Arctic Fox :: Static Stand 2 R (new) JIAN Snow Birds :: Percher @ faMESHed (new) JIAN Snow Birds :: Fence @ faMESHed(new) 12 [[RH]] HOLIDAY CAFE-Reindeers (B)@ The Arca…

Still you go on, convinced it will end

katat0nik - Winter Beasts Coat @C88 (new) Pose: Interia - Step on it 1

Did you ever imagine

'Did you ever imagine the last thing you hear as you're fading out, was a song?'
A couple of things from TMD for December Hair: Dura Jacket - Cold Ash

The only road

::GB::Roll up denim pants_black Newcore - Jacket Net " Black Semller - 011 Sneakers 8 Classic Black (TMP) @SaNaRae (new) Semller - 011 Gacha Socks (from Sneakers RARE White) @SaNaRae (new) *Dura-Boy*69

Creatures of my dreams

Creatures of my dreams Raise up and dance with me ! Now and forever.
M83 ~ Outro
[NI.JU] Komainu Inari Mask . void [:-.SOUEN.-:]Ayatori Horn (White) *katat0nik* (skeleton3 / S) Male Street Artist Hoodie (new) [CX] Grid Claws @Kustom 9 (new) *katat0nik* (ruby) Cloud Dragon *katat0nik* (royal) Cloud Dragon
Masks:- [:-.SOUEN.-:] Usagimen Kyonshi 15 RARE Usagimen MurasakiShikibu 14 Kitunemen Hanafuda 12 Kitunemen Momizi 03 Kitunemen Hanafuda 12
[:-.SOUEN.-:]Hakaba Kitune RARE 11 {anc} fish shop daughters/ SymbiosisFish WEAR [albino] {anc} fish shop daughters/ SymbiosisFish WEAR [black] [:-.SOUEN.-:]Sake Kitune 05 [:-.SOUEN.-:]Kagi Kitune 01

Environment {anc} ocean dust // animated {anc} ocean dust //  field  {anc} ground panel {soil/black/w beads} {anc} soil sheet/w beads {black} {anc} Lacey aurora S  Garden by anc slight wildgrass {gloss black}  **CC** - Bokeh Orbs (C) Cube Republic - Basalt Columns Section 

Tell me what you see

New@ CCB  *katat0nik* (skeleton3) Street Artist Hoodie *katat0nik* (busted / left) Male Street Artist Gloves RARE *katat0nik* (black) Spray Paint Set - Street Artist
Pose: Inertia - Tag (new)

But I know I'm on a losing streak

BlankLine MilitaryJacket [Black] @TMD(new) [Deadwool] Strider boots - (cut) - black (new) (promo colours available @TMD) Jian - Hallow-Inu :: Companion White@The Epiphany(new)  Build - ionic : la casa del pueblo  RARE @The Chapter 4 (new) Pose - Inertia - Losing Streak (new)

Dead still . . . stars burn

Messiah : Ginosko  harness necklass@The Crossroads(new) Lovely Disarray - Cursed Hands @Kawaii Project(new) {anc} Lacey aurora @TMD(new) {S0NG} :: Mona~ Black Eye @Kawaii Project(new) Pose - Inertia  Stock Still (new) Hair: [taketomi]_Soldier76 (Group Gift) (new) 
[CX] Canidae Claws /Hands **CC** - Bokeh Orbs Arise - Smokey Eyes - Black

TV Dinner

hive // the autumn carriage house C88 (new)
@K9 :Haikei: All I wanna do gacha / {7-1}(new) :Haikei: All I wanna do gacha / {7-2}(new) :Haikei: All I wanna do gacha / {4} (new) Soy - Transistor Television [Steel-ivory] (new)

Kalopsia - Hazel's Newspaper+Cup  @TSS(new)
Jian :: Red Fox (Companion)@Fameshed (new) Disorderly&Cureless /BA/ Plate  / Bunny Roll Toasted  @TSS (new) Hair: *barberyumyum*85(SNR)@Sanrae (Gift) New)
Pose - Del May - Door Stop male (new) (coming soon!)
[ht:apparel] dino slippers
Rebel Gal. (MAN) :: Soft Sweat Pant. Linen Hideki - Mini amp studio [Commoner] Staycation / Tray of Potted Succulents

Open up your eyes

::GB::Long Hodie & coat ( Poket in type) Black /Gray @TMD (new) Izzie's - Insomnia Smeared Mascara (modded darker) @TLC (new) the crone . corruption . skin affliction @We <3 RP (new) *Dura-B&G*72 @ TMD (new) Modulus - Macabre Alleyway @Swagbag(new)

I did all my best to smile

Taketomi - Hanzo   Gabriel - Bandage (part of Hoodie Sweat Jacket) Decor: Anc - "silence" spider lily {DARK/shadow} TMD (new)

Breathe you in

@Memento Mori Contraption - Gut Churner mask (new) Conviction -Impurity Eye and makeup (new) Conviction - Contusion Eye (new)
Contraption - Classic Forearm Prosthetics Deadwool - Hugo shirt, Bloody Pose - Inertia

A slumber party

tram MF921 hair (new) [ht:apparel] dino slippers @Genre (new) :HAIKEI: Soft Blanket Fabric Chair @Shiny Shabby (new) *LODE* Decor - Fuchsia Vase(new) Pose: Inertia - Every night
The Arcade September JIAN Wonky Weenies :: Starry PJs Companion [LJ] Slumber Party - Sleeping Bag - Prints [LJ] Slumber Party - Lugosi Pizza [LJ] Slumber Party - Soda Tray [LJ] Slumber Party - Cheezy Corn * SORGO - Book and Papers * SORGO - External Disk * SORGO - Badges and coins * SORGO - X&X Candy RARE * SORGO - Pencils & Marker Sari-Sari - Of Cozy - Elephant Candle Holder Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden - Shabby Stands Soy. Shitamachi Alley Garden - A House In Alley  (RARE)

DRD gg rug waves (Group Gift) (new) {vespertine}tiny dwelling -refreshment 7 O.M.E.N - Arcade - Panda Sushi Set - Panda Cup (BLK) O.M.E.N - Arcade - Panda Sushi Set - Onigiri - White Kalopsia - Beer Tower JIAN Kitten Collection .:revival:. modest bed dust bunny . berry cake . arcade gift 2015 Soy. Record Shelf [full] Soy. Superlong potted cactus A w/stand HIDE…

It's the beginning of nothing

Pose: Inertia - Lazy (new) Soy. - Shitamachi Alley Garden - A House In Alley (Rare) @The Arcade Sept '16 (new) [ keke ] simple texture change frames [ keke ] pencils and pens (group Gift) [ keke ] london chair black [ keke ] shimmer stars in a dish [ keke ] polaroid mobile cinphul // Brooding Curtains [drab] Apt B // Back To Black - Rug .:revival:. metal drawer cabinet .:revival:. light string black [Con.] Travellers Desk - Camera
Worn:- ::GB::Hoodie Sweat jacket @Ultra ::GB::  Sweat Pants ::GB:: Bandage

Images used are all free to use under the Creative Commons NonCommercial- ShareAlike Licence

Pause for effect

Pose: Inertia - Looksee (new) Le Morte - Outbreak (new) Mandala - Taper Pierce (Star) (new)

The flicker on the screen

TV, yeah it's always on I'm basking in the shit  flowing out of it.
Pose: Inertia - Curiosity (new)
~ Location ~  Immaculate Perception - Immaculate Reflection

Time Waster

Pose: Inertia - Time Waster (new) [Pumpkin] Wide neck tee @ MOM (new) [Pumpkin] Ripped knees jeans@ MOM (new) Y-U: Keiko hair (new) +Half-Deer+ Faux Window - Sunny Day (High Blinds) Aria - Oakley Dining Chair

It's getting dark, too dark to see

Pose: Inertia - sick and tired (new)
(sit poses 2 vendor) Haikei - Gray wall pence house gacha: Build (Rare), chair, table and photobox @Kustom 9(new)

The witching hour

Pose: Inertia - Sorcery (new) Gloves: [CX] Soul Grips ( Black ) @TMD(new) Belt: Gabriel - Cross body belt (Black) @TFC(new) **CC** - Arcane Chill Hand FX  @TFC (new) Krova - Vagrant Hood - Black
Location ~ Variations on the Magic Flute 

Only waiting

hive - quaint shack RARE HPMD* Garden Vine02 12,[[RH]] -Oboro- White fox @Origami HPMD* Garden Tree09 (new)  Heart - Wild Flowers - Quenn Ann's Lace @Fameshed(new)  JIAN Curious Kitties :: Snail Plant RARE @Gacha Garden(new)  Garden by anc dotty wild grass {colorful} (FLF) Garden by anc slight wildgrass {flsah green} HPMD - Colored Bush - light green 8f8 - 04. Our Secret Hideout - Meadow Tree 8f8 - 05. Our Secret Hideout - Meadow Shrub HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass06 HPMD* Sweet Garden Grass01 The Hive - The Outhouse LAQ Decor ~ Picket Fence, White Apple Fall Water Pump JIAN Kitten Pillow Soy - Rattan Woven Chair [white] Soy. Super long Hanging Hedera Stormwood - Tuscan Paving Stone Curb [ keke ] watering can - white 36 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Clay Pots 35_8f8 - New Beginnings - Long Window Curtain (Milk Motion) reclaimed wood lantern 2

See the light

Mesh Body Addicts Fair opens at 12:01am on August 1st Skin: Lure - Amia @MBA Fair Includes body appliers for Slink, TMP, Maitreya, Belleza and Omega. And head appliers for Catwa, Slink, TMP, Loud Mouth and Omega (Worn here with Classic Avatar Head and Maitreya body) Hair: Little Bones - Daisy, The Lights @ Uber(new) Top: Kitja - Naomi top (Purple)@Uber(new) Eyes - S0ng -Leafy~ Lavi Eye @SaNaRae (new)

I plugged my wife in, just for show

Nomad - Bright Headed mannequins@The Forest


Parasite Holding me tight Symbiont Keeps me alive Centralised Always inside Never tire Keeping me high

 Shiv-r ~ Parasite

+elua+ Zion_Black [unrigged]@Hair Fair (new) [CX] XenoTail ( Black ) v.1.3@ Romp (new) ::GB:: Metallic nail  Gloves((TMP) ::GB::Armour Gorget Collar (TMP) Black Cureless [+] Mechanical Krampus Tongue (Coal) *katat0nik* (red/pleasure/LT) Syringe
@Epiphany RO - Spook Show - Ida Ink Mannequin (new) RO - Spook Show - Val Vain Mannequin (new) RO - Spook Show - Freida Freak Mannequin (new)
Cureless [+] Doll Arms Antennae (FLF) (new)
Build - :Haikei: make you feel gacha 2 RARE

The Final Silence

So, a nice update for the Drow skins from Pink Fuel.  Now you can wear them with a variety of mesh bodies and heads. Yay ! See below for details. [PF] Drow - Face C - <Stone> - Pure  (worn with TMP body and classic avatar face) Now comes with appliers for:- Catwa mesh head Logo/Omega mesh head Lelutka mesh head TMP mesh headand body Belleza, Maitreya, Physique appliers Added two more faces for Sl classic avatar Mesh lip applier support (If you already own this skin it will be delivered to you by the end of the week, if not, you can try at the end of the week. ) [TWC] - Crox tattoo (face)
Eyes: Dead Apples - Sinistre - Blind Grey RO - Azrael Bone Wing Hair : Argrace - Ken, Black +Spellbound+ Plain Gag (from 'Lost' hair)

The Seasons Story - Summer

New couple poses from Inertia for The Seasons Story Opens July 10th

Demos at the store

They just strut... wtf

New pose from Inertia Pose: Inertia - Just Strut.. wtf (new) ED - Osaka Top leather @TMD (new) Vrsion Konvert 15 male Pants  @TMD (new) Drot - Hansel [CX] Mercenary's Arm Bands R (Black) [ht] - elbow socks Clemm - decorative glove, Black
{Anc} - Cracked Glass (crystal)

As life slips away...

A new pose from Inertia Inertia - Slip Away Available in store now. TP

Just another day

:HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha / RARE @Kustom 9 (new) :HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha / {1} @Kustom 9 (new) :HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha / {3} @Kustom 9 (new) :HAIKEI: a vacant house gacha / {4@Kustom 9 (new) Soy. Metal Platform Bed Hayabusa Design Tunnel of Tree M16-1 v1-2 P2G Scarlet Creative The Arcade J 16 - Nerites C Lamp White MT {vespertine}tiny dwelling -portable radio 13 @The Arcade +Half-Deer+ Purrfect Patisserie - Rainbow Heaven Cake @The Arcade .:revival:. art frames grey .:revival:. retro floor fan {-MK-} My little pond_plate W(1Li/texture animation) Picnic fish Soy. Old books with coffee The Loft & ARIA - Hexa Basket Pair - White Schadenfreude Desaturated Plastic Flamingo (head up) Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT- Old Books [TypeA] Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT - Rusted Iron Stepladder Sari-Sari - Plant Bucket Trolley (White Enamel) dust bunny . wanderlust . belted pillows .random.Matter. - Lost & Forgotten - Broken Chair [White] .random.Matter. - Lost & Forgotten - Chair [White/White] Myrrine - Small …

Kill me if you dare

Single poses from Inertia for TMD TMD opens 5th June 12PM SLT TP Pose: Inertia - K.I.L.L.
Pose: Inertia - Dead End
Vas and Riot  are wearing....  whatever the hell they like, basically.

Where time stands still...

New couple pose from Inertia Available from TMD from 5th June 12pm SLT
Demo also available in store now

Waiting for a smile to come to me

@TMD Modulus - Helix HairBase - blond2 (new) @The Arcade {anc}- forget. wing leaf [gray]  (new) {anc} - forget. Swallows [sugerwhite]   (new) DRD - LN curtain 2 seetrough (new)

The Arcade June 2016

dust bunny - wanderlust . hedera caravan . RARE @ The Arcade Jian: Stoats @ Fameshed

See the light

Build: Scarlet Creative Mockingbird Nook 2 (new) @ C88 Soy. Drafting Table for FLF  (new)  Soy. Painter's Stool (for drafting table for FLF  (new)  DRD Gardenhouse old chest @Shiny Shabby  (new)  DRD Gardenhouse clocks @Shiny Shabby (new)  Jian - Kitten Scratching Post  Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT- Old Books [TypeA] @6 Republic Soy. BKLYNITES LOFT- Old Books [TypeB]  @6 Republic {iD}DrY LeaF (StanD)-WooD03- @ CCB :HAIKEI: Just lazy Rug / V.2 Kalopsia - Leslie's Postcards Frame - Wood 10 [MB] Bath Duck @ CCB
wearing:- Invictus - Slim Fit  Shirt Suspender -White@ MOM (new)  (it's  not that slim.. just sayin') Gabriel - color denim pants @ MOM (new) 

Then out of the blue

Messiah: Tamim tank and Baruch Berms @Kustom 9(new) Yasum - Face Armor [CX] - Mercenary's Arm Band Pose: Inertia - Distract Me Location ~ China
To see what Abe's wearing, hop over to his blog

Weapon of choice

Pose: Inertia - On Your Knees(new) Silvery K..:* - Military Girl (PeakedCap Black) @Whimsical(new)  Silvery K..:* - Military Girl (Armband Red) @Whimsical (new)  [CerberusXing] - Necktie M Un-rigged (Black) Bamse - Vampire Slayer - Assassin (previous gacha)

It's the blue hour... again

Pose: Inertia - Blue Hour (new) Sweater: Rebel Gal (MAN) - Destroyed Sweater V1 @XV(new) (includes 2 versions.. the one shown isn't the destroyed one, obviously..) Pants: Rebel Gal (MAN) - Soft Sweat Pants @XV(new) Eyes: S0ng - Aki Eyes @Kustom9(new) Makeup: Veechi - late night shadow @TDSF3(new) Scene: Modulus - Pod


From TFC CURELESS [+]  Dragon Halfbreeds / Dragon Familiar / ULTRARARE (new)  Dragon Halfbreeds / HalfbreedScales APPLIER / RARE (new)  Dragon Halfbreeds / Dragonhands COAL  (new) Dragon Halfbreeds / Dragonfeet COAL  (new) Dragon Halfbreeds / Dragontail COAL  (new) Yasum - Goa Trunks*Standart*EPIC*Fade  (new)
Krova Muffler (FREE !) @ We <3 RP(new)
E. - The Scythe Rune {S0ng} :: Casper~ Mary Eye (previous Gacha garden SOI prize) Lovely Disarray - I'm no Priest

Shelter you

New couple pose from Inertia Inertia - Shelter You @TMD from 5th May TP Demo available to try at the Inertia Store now ! TP to Inertia

Demon's Game

New couple pose from Inertia for TMD 5th May Pose: Inertia - Demon's game (new) @ TMD Pose - Inertia - Demon's Game Available from TMD from 5th of May

(Demo available at Inertia Store) 
Right {S0ng} - :: Yuna~ Dante Eye *SOI @ Gacha Garden (new) (* need to play 20 times before you get this eye and 3 otherother pairs) ::GB:: - Grow tank top Tabou - Grunge Face straps - Black Silver {S0NG} - :: Helli~ Vampi Eye [CX] Bloody Tongue Yasum - Kerchief ::GB:: Metallic nail Grove (his spelling, not mine)

Left C L A Vv. - Ripped Scarf Leather Black (gacha) Breathe - Ragged Clothing Argrace - Arata Mandala - Steking ears

you need to read the lyrics or else you'll turn into your parents and say "I don't understand a word he's saying !"

So do eye

The Monarchs - The Mariner's Son @MOM (new) Kaithleen's Leather Harness Male TMP @Fantasy Fair Dirty Stories - Dragon Inside Horns Head !Completely oBVious! - Phoenix Bracer@Fantasy Fair (new) {S0ng} :: Alice~ Snow Eye [R] Black Eye [L] [Level] - Plate Ring (not available at the moment) [CX] Elven Ear Split RARE  [CX] Mercenary's Arm Band Make up - Kooqla Pose - Inertia Inertia has moved ! LM

Stand your ground

New single poses from Inertia for TMD
Inertia - Standpoint (new)@TMD Tree: Air_Shidare Sakura (black)_tree (new) @The Chapter Four

Inertia - Traverse (new)@TMD Gorodee - Napoleon jacket and hoodie and pants (new) @ The Seasons Story - Spring Season Story starts on 10th April Taken at Retrospect
Inertia - Slippery Slope (new)@TMD Gloves - Tonktastic - FDT Gloves (new)@TMD

Just remember....

New couple pose from Inetia -  Just remember Available at TMD from April 5th  12pmSLT
Just remember To fall in love There's nothing else There's nothing else.

Hoodie on and fade to black

:::Breath::: - hoodie on a head @MoM (new)
Inertia - Non believer

I don't know what's real

Hair: Kokolores - Jules @Cosmetics Fair(new) Eyes: S0ng - Nell Eyes - Peach@Cosmetics Fair(new) Face: Genesis Lab - Natasha gacha , 02 rare @K9 Eye Piece: Quirky - Sakura Socket Growth @Kawaii (new) Flowers/Petals: Half Deer - Sakura petals Set @Kawaii(new) Nails: Moon Amore - Antoinette Nails @K9(new)  erratic -  jessica, loose tank erratic - cameron - jersey briefs 8f8 - silent conversations - Sakura Tree RARE 8f8 - silent conversations - Fish Pond RARE Half Deer -  Origami Dream - Crane - Black - Static