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A Sunday smile

Hotdog- Napoleonic Waistcoat (Dark Version)@MoM (20th) (new) Modulus - Ryan hair @Man Cave (new) [Cubic Cherry] {Hollow} tree @TFC (new) {anc} -Autumn Leaves (Black and Ghost) @K9 (new) - Businessman Black Umbrella

Go film

[Burley] - Felix (new) Volkstone Miles Hairbase @Equal10  (new) Breathe - style change cardigan@Equal10  (new) Foxcity - mood Gacha - 10 - My Runway@The Arcade  (new)

And the Spiderman is always hungry

Hotdog - Tailcoat Jacket (white)@We<3 RP (new)(3rd September) Modulus - Taylor Hair @Fameshed (new) Lelutka - Axis HUD Face (new) [ContraptioN] - The Saboteur's Gloves II [CX] Strigoi's Fangs - Silver [Mandala] - Kookai Belt  Riot - Syrio Men's Leggings Swallow - Pixie Ears Dysfunctional Designs - Dewdrop Cobwebs Giz Seorn - Spiders *katat0nik* - (left) Leg Bandana (worn on arm) Conviction - Living Dead Doll Eyes

Person of Interest

Hotdog - Slim Double Brested Jacket @MOM (new) L'Emporio::*Damned Claws & Rings for Belleza Jake (new) Vale Koer - Tylk Phone (new) Modulus - Marcus Hair @Man Cave(new) *Sweet Thing. Demon Tail (Bento)@ROMP (new) *Custom  made tail texture David Heather - St. Biker Pants/Slink/Black  [Gild] Side gore Boots Le Morte - Outbreak Breach - Raven Holster

Ordinary world

Vale Koer - Hyperbeat Joggers @C88 (new) Vale Koer - Hyperbeat Bomber @C88 (new) Modulus - Cooper@C88 (new) Mossu - Rebel Boots brocante. velvet sofa / grey A (new)

Forever black-eyed

Modulus - Jon @TMD (new) Gild - Stand Collar Jacket @FaMeshed (new)

punkin' instigator

Barber Shop - James @Hipster (new)  [Gild] Body suspender_black @Hipster (new) SU!- Zath'tus Collar -Male@Shiny Shabby (new) .random.Matter. - Star Craft - Blaster [Black] @The Epiphany (new) Cureless - Melodic doll glitter eyechips @Epiphany (points prize)(new) Mossu - Rebel boots @N21 (new) Demon Spit - Televangelist (new) Lovely Disarray - Aeternum Vale anxiety- railroad skybox anxiety - railroad fence anxiety - railroad molotov Vale Koer - baller Sleeves Jian- Raven collection , companion

Drink the wine of slaughter

konpietou - Rose Halo @The Fantasy Collective (new) anc- morning Glory @Kustom 9(new) Conviction - Living dead Doll eyes and make up Cureless - Valentine's Heart (blood drips - Photoshop) Modulus - Drew Swallow - Pixie Ears

Read between the lines

A&Y Neos Cyber Mask (Jake) - multicolor @The Men's Jail (new) [ContraptioN] Jetship Goggles (L'homme gift) (new) Conviction - Lucent Eyes @Lookbook (new) Krova - Face Stuff

All work

-PG-MaisonClose MorningLite BED 1 .peaches. Bae's Journal - Summer (FLF) (new) Jian - Black Chubby Cat Bird Bus (Companion) (FLF) (new) kosmii :: Geode Table [smoky quartz] [Kres] Cheeky Neons - 12 Underfucked BackBone 60s Radio - Licorice ionic : Dorayakis & Soy Milk 4. Architect. Caspian Industrial Loft Table [ONE WAY] 3. Architect. Caspian Industrial Loft Sideboard +Half-Deer+ Mr. Moss // Marimo Ball Terrarium - Black ionic : Free Coffee & Cookies! Second Spaces - Party Drinks - beer glasses *Drot/Wxlfbane* Sign/ Smooth Frequency - Common FD & Commoner: Slater Cactus @ Uber (new) VARONIS - Stockholm Studio Apartment (modded) Loft & Aria - Maynard Sofa & Ottoman@ Uber (new) Loft & Aria - Maynard Runner@ Uber (new) Loft & Aria - Brewer Side Table Loft & Aria - Maynard Credenza Beech @ Uber (new) Loft & Aria - Maynard TV @ Uber (new) Loft & Aria - Maynard Speaker @ Uber (new) Architect. [PG] Oliver Leather Bean Bag Chair [black] N4RS Banana Plant in Bronze Second …

The Last Stand

[CX] Sentinel Tentacles ( Red ) ANTINATURAL[+] Synthetic Crush / Bodysuit / BLACK @Lootbox (new) ANTINATURAL[+] Synthetic Crush / Cyborg Eyes @Lootbox (new) {PSYCHO:Byts} Cyberneon Destiny - Goggles RED@Pocket Gacha (new) Noche - Buck Leather Gloves//Black@Dubai (new)  cinphul // zaha ninjato [neon] @The Men Jail (new) :::SOLE::: SX2990-S49Z (Dirty Black) Neck SA - Arm tech 5B Xeno - Gas Mask Modulus - Richard Backdrop: Foxcity - Photo Booth - The Workshop, Slow Fan (With Lights)  Pose: Inertia - Commit yourself

Startin' somethin'

Nana - Kygo White Tank@ The Darkness (new)  Vale Koer - Baller Sleeves Modulus - Richard Lovely Disarray - Devil May Care

Ready to go

Gutchi - Streetwear Shorts @TMD(new) Dufaux - gym hoodi @TMD (new) Cheerno - Moon shoes @ TMJ (new) [Burley] - Calum (new) Paparazzi  - Strike A Pose Tunnel  Pose: Inertia

I follow the night

{MB} Gaia Satyr Legs @We <3 RP (new) [BURLEY] - Calum (new) SN - Pandemonium Horns - Darkfell ^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears {MB} Butterfly (Landed) ~GD~LMB Savagery(Claws)  Clemm - Underworld Unkin Markings **CC** - Soul Reaper Hand Ward KraftWork + HERA Magical Orbs - Silver {anc} lacecurtain .black:fairy tale:deep woods anc-   Curly Forest grass

Breathe with me

Modulus - Joey Hair @TMD June (soon) CURELESS[+] Spookshow Eyes (Group Gift) (new) CURELESS[+] Noel Set  [omnis] Head Neon Stripes  (Group Gift) (new) FOXCITY. KPOP STAR - 4 - Run Devil Run (Common) :::SOLE::: SA - Mask 7M (OT) White (All) A&Y Nephilim Cyber Top ^^Swallow^^ Pixie Ears


[ keke ] windswept tree - white @Uber (new) [ keke ] clover grass . frost @Fameshed (soon) Hotdog - Dead bird (Group Gift) (new) .a i s l i n g. Fountain Winter  Soy - Snow covered woods Modulus - Richard Hair Vale Koer - Darkshadow Parka
Pose - Inertia - Hour of Dread

Static Violence

cinphul // war skybox @Cosmopolitan (new) Azoury - Elnathan Helmet@MOM (new) :::SOLE::: SA Backpack LB1 (new) Noche - Todd harness@XXX  (new) A&Y - Nephilium Cyber pants [ContraptioN] SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arms [NR] Energy Glaive, white :::SOLE::: - Regulator, Black Tattoo: Fallen Gods - Circuit

Nature Boy

Hair: Modulus - Godfrey @Shiny Shabby (new) Lovely Disarray - Halcyon Glow Make up @Whimsical (new) Cureless - Amour Circle lens Eyes (FLF) (new) Swallow - Pixie Ears {MB} Butterfly

It's Always Tea Time

Keke - Thanka Store (new) Keke - summer party flowers . white @C88 (new) Keke - gustavian sofa - bright - 3 pers Keke - gustavian chair - bright Keke - long nights dining table - bright - 8prs Serenity Style- Tea time @Enchantment (new) MudHoney Miranda Drapes Deco(c)rate (new)
C L A Vv.@6Republic (new) Tower Burger RARE Chili and Cinnamon Roll Sunflower Cupcakes Sunflower Beef Burger C L A Vv. BBQ Sauces The Z Man Fried Chickens
Black Bantam@6Republic (new) Too Cute To Eat Purrito RARE Crinkle Fries Paper Boat Decor Too Cute To Drink Horchata Kitty Decor Sauce Packet Spill Decor
hive // celebration balloons
22769 ~ [bauwerk] Stack Of Cups 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Top Hat Cake 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Round Etagere 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Cupcakes in Cups 22769 ~ [bauwerk] Queen Of Hearts Cake

Fly Away Bear
 Buddy Bear
Curious Bear
GoZEEra Bear
 Rerverncler Berr

Do what you feel now

Legal Insanity - Thor Black Briefs @ Acess (new) Modulus - Richard @ Equal 10 (new) MSS - Boyfriend's Tie Blindfold @TC4 (new) Noche - Essential Jason Croptop Okuma - Neon Lights backdrop

Retail Therapy

Vale Koer - Darkshadow Parka @TMD (new) Vale Koer -Aggro Stompers Stardust - Shinon tattoo :We <3 RP  (new) taikou & momento . shopping bag #dead Foxcity -  Kpop Star - Rare 1 - White Wolf


[ keke ] tea chair . black linen coal @FaMeshed (new) [ keke ] tea table . black (new) ::Static:: Catskull Candle - Pitch@ The Fantasy Faire (new) cinphul // Brooding Curtains [drab] 1 + 3 {anc} display frame {dark brown} (photo - blog post from 2014) NOMAD // Scattered Stars 02 Apple Fall Country Hall


AsteroidBox. Curious Decor - Side Cabinet - Black  (new) AsteroidBox. Curious Decor - My Poloroids (new) AsteroidBox. Curious Decor - Spinal Lamp - Silver  (new) APT B // Bar Odds & Ends - Crushed Cans 1 @TMD (new) [Merak] - Secrets Sofa - Black @FaMeshed  (new) APT B // Bar Odds & Ends - Bar decor Grunge @TMD (new) Apt B // Back To Black - Rug SORGO - Geek Ashtray (Cigaret pack)  SORGO - Geek Ashtray  (Lighter) Yankee Comic Magazine @Yanfes2 SS: Arcade Table 1.0 (SS-FUDT-003-01) @Yanfes2 VARONIS - 9 O'Clock /  Home Bar ..::THOR::.. Industrial Lamp FaMESHed 6th Anniversary Group Gift  (new) VARONIS - 9 O'Clock /  Rubber fig plant @FaMeshed  (new) APT B // Bar Odds & Ends - Crate  @TMD (new) APT B // Bar Odds & Ends - Bottle Brown LABELED @TMD (new) VARONIS - 9 O'Clock / Industrial Stool @FaMeshed  (new) A Badstool  RARE @Yanfes2 anxiety %sleepy black vending machine @FaMeshed  (new) APT B // Bar Odds & Ends - Bottle Green LABELED @TMD (new) APT B // Bar Odds & Ends - D…

Now it's on

::GB::One shoulder Sukajan @Yanfes2 (new) [taketomi] - JaeHyun (new) Legal Insanity - Dougal black kilt @FaMeshed (new) RKKN. Streetwear Leggins Black @Shiny Shabby (new) Vale Koer - Baller Sleeves ::GB::Cross body belt  Hazy. Natsumi Look. Katana 3 kosmii :: Cyber Wagasa 

White noise

Foxcity. Photo Booth - Neon City VOL3 White  cinphul // crummy @Cosmopolitan (new) tram H0419 hair@Uber (new) Riot / Zac Tee @Fameshed Go (new) Semler Hybrid Parka Represent - Utility Jeans {Livalle} Hax - Combat Boots 
Pose: Inertia - Half Arsed Sit

Last of the Dreamers

Vango - Alex @MOM(new) ::Static:: Andouiller - Feathered {Walnut} @Fantasy Faire(new) [Gild] Short tank with long loop_black @Man Cave(new) ::GB:: koshikimono [CX} Fighter's mark [ keke ] hogweed shimmer maxi [ keke ] fluffy grass . winter  [ keke ] soft grass  +Half-Deer+ Thorny Vine Jian - raven companion and orbiter

Chicken dinner

From THOR gacha @ illuminate (new)  Diner Industrial Table Diner Industrial Stool Hamburger (giver) Paper Placemat Coffee Paper Cup (giver) LiveLoveEat Neon Sign StrawLamp Sauces  Slate Brick Wall - big (wired) SPECIAL Wall Cast Iron Lamp RARE MiniJuke Shuffle ULTRARARE
[ContraptioN] Wainwright's Toys: Innocent Flower Bird @Bloom (new)

You know I'd change

Not Found - Julian @Sense (new) Conviction - Lucid Eyes, Essentials (RARE #01)@The Epiphany (new) Clemmm+Hotdog - Essential Turtlenecks, Blue@The Epiphany (new) Stealthic - Rebellion


[ keke ] garden brigde@Bloom (new) [ keke ] scruffy grass LB_ShingleOak{Seasons} LB_WildLindenTree.v1{Animated} LB_PoplarTree.v1{Animated} TLC - Kingfisher +Half-Deer+ Fallow Deer - Fawn Skye -  Riverbank TLC Pond - bulrush

I'll bleed you dry

Modulus - Mason Hair @ManCave(new) Contraption - Desideratus Sentinel's Crown@Ironwood Hills (new) Hotdog - High collar (new) Cureless - Dilated Eyes (previous FLF) Contraption - Bento Teeth Swallow - Pixie ears Dirty Secrets - Bento Drool  TWC - Rabbid tattoo Background - cinphul  // saimdang [mirror]

When the sun hits

Soy. Skirt Covered Chaise Longue [double]@C88 (new) Soy. Potted Olive Tree@C88 (new) Soy. Vintage Metal Basket 1@C88 (new) Dahlia - Pluvio - Poppies Book (For Deco(r)ate April) Apple Fall Potting Shed Book (LoR Hunt prize) tarte. daisy jar@C88 (new) Apple Fall Nest w/ Speckled Eggs (LoR Hunt prize) Soy. Shabby Wooden Side Table@C88 (new) Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles Nutmeg. Vintage Laundry Container Second Spaces - Country Chic Hutch - whisper@C88 (new) 1. Nutmeg. Vintage Rotary Dial Creme RARE Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Naughty RARE {vespertine}- hanging pothos.@C88 (new) Nutmeg. Silver Wall Sconce Loft & Aria - Tennyson Mirror ionic : LesPaul & Amp PILOT & Can't Even - Shutter Sidebard Table [White]@C88 (new) Loft & Aria - Dixie Candle Holders@C88 (new) Fancy Decor: Flora Window Prints@C88 (new) Apple Fall Basil Sproutlings (LoR Hunt prize) Loft & Aria - Dixie Slipper Chair With Pillow@C88 (new) :CP: Allison Floor Frames [ keke ] hygge sofa table . white Apple Fall Cof…

So now where?

Dura - Anime 06 @Neo-Japan (new) Taikou - Nighttime Bus Stop Backdrop@Neo-Japan (new) Queen of Ink - Spark Eyes @Shiny Shabby(new) Lovely Disarray - Devil May Care Facial Set@Bodyfy(new) Mossu - David T shirt


Kalback - Original Jeans M5_Dark @TMD (new) Stealthic - Baron @TMD (new) Cold Ash - Mens mesh basic socks @TMD (group gift) 
..::THOR::.. Study Armchair @ Uber (new) Cinphul - Mangles Soy - Corrugated Blinds :Haikei: Just lazy Rug / V.2 Pose: Inertia - Hour  of dread

Signs of Life

[Merak] - Kyokkyo house@NeoJapan (new) :CP: Allison Bed (Adult)@The Clique (new) :CP: Essentials Curtains - Grey Stars @Fameshed(new) {anc} display frame {dark brown} 1Li @Uber(new) Con.&floorplan. Radiator - Light - Bookcase@The Clique (new) *pm* City Ord. - No Hippies Allowed (Faded)  @Ironwood Hills:Parania(new) [ keke ] light bubble . stringed . black (new) cinphul // depressed duffel [grey]@The Men Jail (new) Sari-Sari - Round Metal Organizer @The Clique (new) anxiety %weirdo soda@The Clique (new) :CP: Allison Night Table@The Clique (new) [ContraptioN] Decor: Basement Dweller's Station B @The Clique (new) {Q-Essentials} Alpha Bravo Desk (new) :CP: Essentials Tall Bookcase Drawers - Black @Fameshed(new) [Bad Unicorn] 'Retro Robot' Sleepover Set @Fameshed (new) Sari-Sari - Wire Board @The Clique (new) anxiety %weirdo art supplies @The Clique (new) O.M.E.N - Dog Park Day - 5 - Mr. Moo {Q-Essentials} Adrenaline Molecule {Q-Essentials} Caffeine Molecule ..::THOR::.. Old's Cool Radio io…

An I for an I

Modulus - Baptiste @Fameshed (new) Gild -  Leather arm loop top with Tank_black @Fameshed (new) Gild - Around rope pants_black Bird skull top necklace_silver @MOM (new) [CX] -  Origin Wraps

I don't really know what is normal

Tram (hair) - HO316 (new) Cubic Cherry - Nerd Glasses@ The Clique (new) Buzz - Moody Eyes @Uber (new) Odeco -  Cynic Eyebrows (new) Razor - Fugitive Flannel@ The Clique (new)

Everything that was before

+Half-Deer+ Corgi Puppy - Lazy Friends @The Arcade (new) Nutmeg - Chesterfield Sofa Brown
Apple fall Breakfast clutter @Fameshed (new) 'Elvira' Plate w/ Egg, Avocado & Toast 'Elvira' Rose Tea Swan Toast Caddy & Toast
Apple Fall Plan Chest dust bunny . storybook living . researcher's journal Apple Fall Antique Coffee Table Apple Fall Argentinian Malbec\\ (for St Pat's day hunt) (new) Apple Fall Pyracantha Berries in Glazed Pot - White dust bunny . sunday newspaper Nutmeg. French Silver Framed Mirror Nutmeg. Pile of Vinage books Group Gift Sari-Sari - Round Metal Organizer @The Clique Schadenfreude (fly) D. muscipula, yellowed Felis skull@C88 (new) 7 - Radio 1965-A Apt B // Farm Living Rug
[Schultz Bros.] Thatch Cottage(For Deco(r)ate march) (new)

..::THOR::.. - Drafting Dresser - RARE @Kustom 9 (new) ..::THOR::.. - Drafting Table  ULTRARARE @Kustom 9 (new) {vespertine}- exotic plants / button fern @Fameshed (new) {anc} display frame {dark brown}@Uber (new) Theory - English Che…

Time for Toast !

Soy. The Kitchen @TMD (new) Soy. Water Heater @TMD (new)
Raindale - Springbell @Cosmopolitan (new)  wall cabinet kitchen cabinet 1 shelf 2 kitchen cabinet 2
Apple Fall breakfast Clutter @Fameshed (new) Tea Tins & Tea Books 'Elvira' Stacked Cups 'Elvira' Teapot
dust bunny . at home baking set@Fameshed (new) bag of sugar cutting lemons lemon plant lemon cake frosting bowl lemon squeezer butter  cake tin
hive // suds station hive // baking bundle A hive // paper towels hive // kitchen canisters hive // knife set hive // cutting board hive // kitchen scale hive // kitchen utensils hive // vintage toaster RARE 7. AF Bags of Flour 5. AF Copper Pan Set dust bunny . egg holder Sari-Sari - Kitchen Essentials - Toast Apple Fall Pembleton Cooker PLAAKA OldWoodCupboard POST: Marquette Braid Rug 22 - DRD - Vagabond - Wall Tiles
junk. boho curtain.
35_8f8 - New Beginnings - Long Window Curtain
[Schultz Bros.] Thatch Cottage

Just Visiting

[ keke ] windflower . yellow (new) [ keke ] wild lilies - small - yellow (new) [ keke ] wild roses - yellow 3 (new) [ keke ] Aquilegia 3 . yellow (new) Mad match Clover and ladybird @Illuminate (new) +Half-Deer+ English Ivy @ C88 (new) [ keke ] potted herb - coriander (Grow collection) (new) [ keke ] potted herb - sage (Grow collection) (new) [ keke ] watering can - green (Grow collection) (new) [Schultz Bros.] Thatch Cottage @Deco(c)rate (new) O.M.E.N - Spring Daisies Truck @Fameshed (new) Little Branch - Poplar Tree @Fameshed (new) +Half-Deer+ Corgi Puppy - Wat did u say 2 me @The Arcade (new) [ keke ] flower circle  [ keke ] wild crocus white . two Heart - Hollyhocks - Yellow 1 (Robin)18 - 8f8 - Once Broken and Forgotten - The Couple Her hive // vintage birdhouse [DDD] Gardenbed - Empty Apple Fall Cranfield Fence Gate, Short Apple Fall Cranfield Fence, Short 14_8f8 - New Beginnings - First Swim 17_8f8 - New Beginnings - Geese Lavender - from TLC 'Enchanted Swans'

Nature's editing

Little Branch - Wild Linden Tree @Illuminate (new) Little branch - Poplar Tree @Fameshed  (new) [ keke ] swaying grass . summer @Fameshed  (new) [ keke ] scruffy grass . summer @Shiny Shabby  (new) [ keke ] dotty grass . summer @Shiny Shabby  (new) O.M.E.N - Spring Daisies Truck @Fameshed  (new) {vespertine} - curved round park bench / kaki green [ keke ] sacred lotus group  T L C - Swan Family T L C - Pond Rocks Landscaping by Felix - mesh way building set T-Spot Mesh - Stinging Nettle 8 Plants A

Deserved it

Modulus - Kenny Hat & Hair @Shiny Shabby (new) The Skinnery - Saudade Eyes For Finders Keepers Hunt (new) Arise - Brawler Marks @Men Only Month (new)

Local boy in the photograph

Modulus - Drew @Man Cave (new) ::GB:: - Jersey Jacket  @Man Cave (new)
Bamse - Photographer Gacha - 1. Studio Background (RARE)@The Arcade (new) Bamse - Photographer Gacha - 9. Stool @The Arcade (new) Pose: Inertia (soon) (new) AG.  - Prestige Eyes - Sky @ Skin Fair (new) Represent - Utility Jeans Vale Koer - Rainyday Boots

We all seek

A&Y - Nephilim Cyber Top @The Men Jail (new) Zibska -  Tips@Skin Fair (new) Dufaux - long john - black @Fameshed (new) Modulus - Tommy Hair Zibska - Xylo Lips [CX] Sentinel Tail @Rewind:Y2K (new) 3. [CX] Necronomic Mother - Earring - Silver (gacha) (Jan 18 Epiphany)

Certainly Familiar

Modulus - Aaron Hair@ C88 (new) AG. Alex Skin - Catwa - Ivory @Skin Fair (new) AG. Prestige Eyes - Catwa Applier - Azure and  Peculiar @Skin Fair (new) Clef de Peau - Brock Eyebrows M.Birdie / Leah look-Jacket on shoulder5 (previous gacha) Cold Ash - Montana Tee

This Morning Grey

[ keke ] readers chair  w pillows . white . 8 LI . sits 2 (new)  [ keke ] readers chair . white . 5 LI (new)  [ keke ] book-s-table . white (new)  [ keke ] scooter wall lamp @Uber (new)  Apple Fall Times Newspaper@Fameshed (new)  [ keke ] turntable 3500 @Uber (new) 
[ keke ] albums . mod @Uber (new)  [Merak] - Notebook Organizer @Blush (new)  [Merak] - Wall Organizer @Blush (new)  [ keke ] bottle of water [ keke ] crocus - white [ keke ] winter landscape Jian - Wicker Forest Cat Bed llorisen // elia big frames shelf (previous gacha) Pewpew! - Pompom Rug - Plain White

@The Arcade tarte. desktop computer RARE  tarte. craft desk tarte. bullet journal tarte. pens & ruler tarte. journal stack tarte. vortex chair Schadenfreude - Bones Bunlet llorisen // roselyn cabinet

Build: :Haikei - Forever Yours_Gacha / RARE

Kung fu corgi

Pants: Legal Insanity - Leon Capri Sweats @Fameshed (new) Top: BTTB - cash strap tee - white @TMD (March) (new) Cap: Ascend - Josh Baseball Cap@ Hipster (new) Mask: Random. Matter -  Wonho Set - Mask Headset: The Forge (Rare) @ Pocket gacha (Feb) (new) Slippers: Atomic - Deaad Tired_Monster Slippers - White (previous gacha) Plaster: Musu- Bandaids Socks:Fakeicon - Basal socks , Text set Half Deer -  Corgi Puppy - Cuddle Companion (RARE) The Arcade (new) Backdrop:  Foxcity - K-Pop Star 4 @The Arcade (new) Pose: Del May - Fung ku

Only waiting

For Skin Fair 2018 (soon) Skin: Modulus - Geron  (Catwa heads) In six shades: Fair - Rose - Sand (worn here) Latte - Caramel - Chestnut. All with browless option. Body appliers available for Belleza, Signature and TMP. ------------------------ Hair: Modulus - Scott Eyes: AG - Soulful Eyes Hazel and Heterochromia (Rare) @Pocket Gacha (new) Vale Koer - Hyperbeast  Hoodie

Destroy the heart

[CX] Sentinel Tentacles@Rewind :Y2K (new) CURELESS [+] Replicant Joints @ Remnant :Dark Days (new) [CURELESS[+] Valentine's Heart (Group Gift) Modulus - Tommy Hair Dirty Secrets - Bento Drool hud  (tinted black) Pose: Del May - Catching teardrops


Hair: Modulus - Chris @Shiny Shabby(new) Eyes: SU! - Aisling @Applique(new)
Make up: Lovely Disarray - Pestilence (Group Gift)(new) Aii - Profane Guardian (previous gacha)