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Enjoy the Silence

I've been Jonesing for that new build from Y's House, which is now my new home and the location for my photo. The pose is one of a truckload you can get if you do the Y's House Hunt, which is on now. You only have to find ten objects but that place has so much stuff, you could quite easily lose the will to live looking, so after about ten minutes, I resorted to  'area search'. I got them all in like two minutes! \o/ Which included a 1/4 size version of the OMISE002 build which is great news if you haven't got much space, prims or money for that matter.
The Wolf medallion from Grollwerk is new (see second photo). You can choose dark, medium or light. Matte or shiny and black or glowy eyes.
The skin I've not blogged about before but you all know is from body co. and I wear it when I don't want to frighten the horses like today. Well, it is Sunday.
Enjoy yours
Skin: The body co. - Hunter (03) Light with goatee facial hair Beanie: Hermony - Oversized beanie (Bla…


Which eyes to choose from Repulse is always tricky, I like all of them basically but these are one of my favorites.
The numbers tattoo is new, the rest I've had a while. Not sure you can still get the hair.
Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Hair: Angel - John Hair base: MADesigns - Tribe 6 Mask: SiniStyle - Cyber Resperator Collar: *Blitzed* - Legacy choker Eyes: Repulse - Viral eyes Face tattoo: +Little Pricks+ - Alchemy's Warning Tattoo: +Little Pricks+ - Just a number

Now fight!

I may have mentioned this before but thank you Jesus for face tattoooooooos! Second life is decidedly average without them.
+Little Pricks+ make some great ones.. I have most of them and wearing more than one at a time can result some great effects. Saying that, I'm only wearing one, called Hornet.

Hair: Raw House - Urban savage 2 Hair base: MADesigns - Tribe 6 Face Tattoo:+Little Pricks+ - Hornet Armband: *Blitzed* Marauder Armband Pants: Goth1c0 - Giger leather pants Belt thingy: AVZ - Urbanix skirt Hand tape: SiniStyle - Taped fist

Death is coming through

Just happened to be listening to [:SITD:] at some unearthly hour this morning. (Anytime before 10 is early for me) which gave me the idea for this photo.
Hair: Cobrahive - Fenli (Milk) Hair Base: MADesigns - Tribe 8 Skin: Nuuna: Nuuna +Ellivu Male Skin Claws: [ni.ju] - Claws Pants: [NV] Minymo Baggy (Black) Boots: Tonktastic: Long Combat boots Pose: Glitterati - Sci-fi hallway

Hair: A&Y - Tilo Gothic Piercing: [ni.Ju] - Amaterasu left eye piercing

Double Dare

Tintable hairbases... and about time! I'm wearing two that are the same.. one is black,  one white. I just liked the effect better than just a white one. Yes, this skin does come with a hairbase version but the hairlines didn't match.
The shoulder and arm strap were a total bitch to get the right, meh. You may find it easier.

Hair: Raw House - Urban Savage 2 Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Hair base: MADesign - tintable hair base - Tribe 8 Jeans: Goth1c0 - Saint Jeans Super Low Belt: *Blitzed* - Legacy Belt Boots: Tonktastic - Long Combat Boots Cuff: .:Hermony:. - Wrist locker Shoulder and armpad: epoque.s - Armourpad Arm Guard: Cobrahive - Armor Shield Finger tape: Envious - Fashionadict finger tape Goggles: [LH] - Multipurpose Goggles (white) Piercings: .HoD. - Thrust Mask: Cobrahive - Escaping Lecter Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Human Code

Once more, they will replenish themselves

Yes, it's Gatcha time again at Albero + Cioccolata Event Park in Hyssop! So, if you're up for a bit of lag, this is the place for you! No, it's fine now, really. :p
The best thing there is from Epic, a Tinkering Gardener Travelers Backpack! There are nine different colours. I got the 'Baddie-Black' one first try! So that made my day. :D

Ready Master Control?

Whoever decided that being able to wear multiple tattoo layers was a good thing, deserves a medal or a knighthood, or something! I rarely wear less than three face tattoos. So, if you're still knocking around in ye olde Phoenix viewer I suggest you update your arse to Firestorm.  I suppose I should be singing the praises of the official SL viewer but in my opinion it *is* the spawn of Satan.. and not in a good way.
Anyway, onto the post.. This season I'll mostly be wearing..  (Fast Show flashback there.. :p)
Right, so.. The shirt is from :Defectiva:  ....nice gear but they need to make more stuufff!
I did mod the sleeves.. they just didn't look right the length they were for this look. The knee pads are from a different Defectiva outfit.
Hair: Raw House - Khaos (Black) Hair base: Aitui - Etched hair base - Monumentum Headset: TonkTastic - Tactical Headset (wireless) Jacket: :Defectiva: - Fortress Jacket Pants: Deviance -  Leather Pants Knee Pads: :Defectiva: - Part of Special Force…

I only came to make some noise, I only came to dance.

Would you Adam 'n Eve it? Post number two!
So this is me in mid daft dance. I'm too idle to go pose shopping basically, and even less inclined to make any. ... meh. 
So... I spotted these claws on Vitani Jun's Flickr, a bargain at 120 Lindens.
Annnd what you couldn't see in my first post... my tail! O.o I love my tail! Lol! This is what I look like most of the time at the moment.

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Hair: [Colors] 48 Jet Black (Hair Fair 2011) Eyes: Ibanez - Bastet - Silver Pants: Amerie: Loose pants Ears: [Gauze] -Mythic Ears - Jewelry Spiked Tail: [Gauze] - Yokai tail  Claws: [ni.Ju] Claws Boots: TonkTastic - Long Combat Boots Piercings (left eye): [ni.Ju] Amaterasu Piercings (Face): HoD - Celtic Swirl Dimples (The Waffle Fox Hunt gift) Necklace and Armband: *~*Illusions*~* Cord Wraps Face tattoos: Sorry.Asia - Cyber Touch Make Up Tattoos: Animus: Tergum Rune tat (no longer available)

And so it begins....

My first blog and my first post.. it is that obvious isn't it? Oh well, you have been warned..

Ok, so ears! I think these are great ears from [Gauze]. Called Mythic ear - Jewelry spiked.There are two other types, so go look! 
I bought the natural tones to wear with this Vincent skin from Tableau Vivant. You have a choice of four different metal colours, (I've chosen Pewter) or you can hide them... if you're insane! They are kind of big and sticky-outy, but I like 'em!

What you can see... Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Ears: [Gauze] - Mythgic ear-Jewelry Spiked Hair: Drot -  Jeremy (Black Ice) Piercings (Face) : .HoD. - Celtic Swirl Dimples (The Waffle Fox Hunt Gift) Piercings (Chest): .HoD - Bulletproof What you can't see.. Aitui: Ear Eraser (from Marketplace)