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Wish I could be lucky

Hold onto your hats, it's The Arcade time again It starts December 1st ... Like you didn't know already :D .Shi - Aviator hat (RARE 1) (The Arcade) (new)
Pose: Inertia - Remains (new)
Coat: *BC322 Bone Leather Jacket (hunt prize)
Eyes: Dead Apples - Shattered - Blind
Face Tattoos: :LP: -  Hornet
[ni.Ju] Infliction 02 (tintable)
Tags: THI - T. Holotags (MP)

And it's coming closer...

Coat: Deadwool - Corto Coat (new) Pants: Razorblade Jacket -  Skillz Baggy Jeans (new) Pose - Inertia - Noted (new) Hair: Action - James Hands: Slink Skin: Abyss - Dystopia Scarf: no longer available
Plus 10 other new poses released today from  Inertia: Stands:   Dead still If I fall Cursory Back Again Cold Out Gyroscope Remains Lost in Thought Zigzag
Sits pose:  Slumped

And go lie on the floor, if you want

Skybox: Vespertine - equinox attic skyloft FLF (new) Lark - Imaginarium Librarium Poetry - (gacha) RARE .lame - Caroline's Chair KOSH- Winter Moonlight Leaves Rug BananaN  - Retro pillow 7. Zigana -  Branch light . sun (gacha) Zigana lazy sunday chair .cloud (modded) Zigana - lazy sunday chair .neutral [we're CLOSED] dark wood lantern large books *ionic* Books for awake (Chapter four) .Birdy. Snow Cub (group gift) {af} Chinese Box {af} Omega Beer floorplan. map chest / old Rellic - old typewriter BananaN  - Retro pillow 1, 3 & 5

Cheecky Pea -  Old Memories Mirror - Dark +Half-Deer+ Carved Woodland Animals (Fawn Fox) RARE Vespertine - wooden stilt bird, songbird and chickadee (previous Arcade gacha) Vespertine - old wooden bookcase (new) *Tatty Soup* The Quiet Corner Chocolate  {what next} - Falling Wall Decor (Winter) =Z= - Deer Wall Clock (Colorful) (Chapter Four) Seven Emporium - Handtruck (new) Lark - Imaginarium Librarium Butterfly .: Standby Inc. - Taka Sake Bento *Tatty Soup* Junk Shop Rug {…

Be a spark, in the dark

A bit of my sim. :) Hat: RO - Twintail Magician Hat - RARE (Previous Ohmygacha) Arctic Fox: .Birdy. -  Curled Artic Fox {s}(@Acid Lily Gallery) Table, chair and shelf: Dysfunctional Designs Tree paperweight - Picnic Other desk grouping:  Kaitlin books (part of FantaYstic Four set) Bottles: [keke] tincture bottle - poppy, belladonna. labeled medicine bottle - sun rays RARE  (The Arcade, Sept '13) 'Magic' - Botanical - Will-O-Wisp, Blue
Spooky House - Alchemy (@We <3 Roleplay) Pond: Skye Studios - Enchanted Pond (V2)
Rug: .aisling -  FakeBearRug.Coll.Brown Table Dysfunctional Designs - Little Apothecary Station Telescope: Fancy Telescope (@Genre) Gold treasure - Dysfunctional Designs On table -  Frog: ::BB:: - Wizarding Golden Poison Dart Frog (Wizarding faire) Newt: Silent Sparrow (Wizarding faire) Skull: LISP - Shrunken Head on a Stand 2 Bottle:[keke] - drop bottle - mars fumes Bottle: Butterfly & Mandrake Bottle Bottle: LISP - Belladonna Bottle Bird: Aitui packaging :p Jar: [Con.] Sku…

The brainwash came free

Skin: Birdy - Damon (TMD, November) Top: Aitui -  The Seer's Tower Eyes: Ikon - Ardent eyes, Morning Hair: !lamb - Eraserhead

..and a pose I've yet to name