Be a spark, in the dark

A bit of my sim. :)
Hat: RO - Twintail Magician Hat - RARE (Previous Ohmygacha)
Arctic Fox: .Birdy. -  Curled Artic Fox {s}(@Acid Lily Gallery)
Table, chair and shelf: Dysfunctional Designs
Tree paperweight - Picnic
Other desk grouping:  Kaitlin books (part of FantaYstic Four set)
Bottles: [keke] tincture bottle - poppy, belladonna. labeled medicine bottle - sun rays RARE  (The Arcade, Sept '13)
'Magic' - Botanical - Will-O-Wisp, Blue

Spooky House - Alchemy (@We <3 Roleplay)
Pond: Skye Studios - Enchanted Pond (V2)

Rug: .aisling -  FakeBearRug.Coll.Brown
Table Dysfunctional Designs - Little Apothecary Station
Telescope: Fancy Telescope (@Genre)
Gold treasure - Dysfunctional Designs
On table - 
Frog: ::BB:: - Wizarding Golden Poison Dart Frog (Wizarding faire)
Newt: Silent Sparrow (Wizarding faire)
Skull: LISP - Shrunken Head on a Stand 2
Bottle:[keke] - drop bottle - mars fumes
Bottle: Butterfly & Mandrake Bottle
Bottle: LISP - Belladonna Bottle
Bird: Aitui packaging :p
Jar: [Con.] Skull of a Cheeky Pea Jar (Wizarding faire)
Candles: Autumn Candle Shelf - Dysfunctional Designs

Enchanted Tree Tunnel - Skye Studios

Decorative candle wallpiece  - Dysfunctional Designs (@We <3 Roleplay)
[Consignment] - The Incantanium Novellas - Black (available again soon!)
[Consignment] - The Edinbure Manuscript - Coal (available again soon!)
Torch: aisling - Brazero  (new)

Mushrooms, bench forst log and saw horse - Dysfunctional Designs


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