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Brace yourself..

I decided to wear a few of my favorite things all at once and go from there. :D
[ContraptioN]... always a good place to start... interesting, well made stuff that fires up the imagination.
[europa] ... best wings in SL and always will be .. unless he makes new ones. :p
Ears from Tokushi  come in loads of colors and are resizable. The hair, I've not seen on anyone before, worth checking the store out, especially if you like Cloud's hair.. it moves. :D
Anyway, really pleased with the result. 

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Hair: [^.^Ayashi^.^] - Kano Black Hairbase: Aitui - Standard 004 Eye Make up: Sorry.Asia - Survivor 5
Wings: [europa] - Archon wings Outfit:[ContraptioN] -  Elephant Man outfit (Macabre Hunt Prize) Shoes: BG - Neptulin Shoes Claws: [ni.Ju] Claws Eye patch: SiniStyle - eyepatch Ears: Tokushi - Grey Fantasy Ears Mouth and hair feathers: Scribble - Nevermore hair feathers

... like Beckham

Redgrave have brought out a new skin, called 'David'.
Now, tbh, I'm not a fan of their guys skins, I always found them too harsh.. over realistic, if you will and everyone looked exactly the same in them, but with this one I think you can look different and it's a good skin in it's own right, regardless if you think it looks like Beckham or not so I thought it worthy of a blog post.
There are several beard options, body hair, a tattoo layer for a blonder hairbase or no hair at all.

Skin: Redgrave - David Pants: Muism - Cargo shorts (Black)

Skin deep

New skin! \o/
This is from De La Soul called Aestalian. It comes in like 17 skin tones! It also comes with hairbases, eyebrow tints, loads of beard options, body hair and freckles.

Skin: De La Soul - Aestalian 9 Latte Rose - dimples Add ons: Brown brow and hairbase, freckles (light) and stubble beard, all from the skin pack. Eyes: Hermony - MP Eyes (coffee) Hair: Maitreya - Malou

Ich bin eine... maschine

Skin: Tableau Vivant -  Vincent Hair: Drot: Jeremy (Black Ice) Eyes: Repulse - Rigor Mortis (normal) Mesh Mask:  Xeno - Gas Mask Arms: Grollwerk - Cybernetic Arms Body suit: VC Designs - C - 003 Belt thingy: AVZ - Urbanix Skirt Leg strap: >SS<  - T-Virus leg holster Hibernation Unit: Paradox - Hibernation Unit v3

Come with me....

Just a quick blog as my PC is being held together with glue and string. I found a small tattoo store, most of them are back tattoos, nicely done though. Tattoo: Seven of Himeji - Autumn Koi Hair: [Colors] 48 Jet Black (Hair Fair 2011)

Is this reality....?

The Twisted Hunt is still on and the theme is 'Unseelie'.
Googles that....

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Zero Skin Headgear/hair: gilded - Unseelie (Twisted Hunt) Eyes: Ibanez - Bastet - Silver Face tattoos: 1. La Malvada - yes sir #1 2. Little Pricks - Tell Me a Story Horns: *~*Illusions*~* Dreamcatcher Nivicola Horns Necklace: Kosh - The Key Necklace Legs: Gilded - Satyr legs (Twisted Hunt) Pose: Apple Spice - action 006

It's Winter... I've decided

Who needs sun and bright colors! Give me hats, coats, boots and bad weather. :D

Hat: Lelutka - Furhat dark Jacket: Pivaaca - Tartan hooded jacket *grey* Pants: Saikin cargo pants R71 (I tinted darker) Tee: :.A&M:. Dark grey T-Shirt (Group Gift) Gloves: Reek - Cozy Mittens (Black) Boots:[Hoorenbeek]- Patagonia  (Gritty Black)
Skin: Tableau Vivant - Zero skin Eyes: .:Hermony:. - MP eyes coffee Face tattoos: 1.[ ES]>Itzel<  - eye shadow dark (Marketplace) 2. Sorry.Asia - Survivor 2 3. Sorry.Asia - Survivor 4

Vampire, vampire...

Yes, it's Vampire time. \o/
Got this Tableau Vivant skin at My Second Wardrobe (MSW). Only 79L :O
Everything there ranges fron 49 to 79L so, I suggest you go look.
The Mr. Poet shirt you should all have.. if not, why not? I don't normally Photoshop stuff but I did tidy the shirt edges/prims, but you knew that, right?
The Fallen & Depraved Hunt is on, I got some nice eyes from Repulse, but they always are... Anyway, best get back to it..

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Blood Thirst Hair: Dura - Boy 05 Hairbase: Aitui - Standard 004 Shirt: Mr. Poet - Off shoulder shirt black  Pants: Tableau Vivant - Dean jeans Pose: Adorkable Poses - Beefcake 5 Location: Bentham Hollow

Black matter

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Zero Hair: 99Hair - Aito Eyes: repulse - Decay eyes  Make up - 1. La Malvada - yes sir #1 2. [Beautifully Grotesque]  - Celestial Maenad tattoo Top: ::GB:: Loose highneck sweater Pants:  Emery - Jeans Skinny black Armband: [sYs] - armband from Stardust outfit Belt thingy: AVZ - Urbanix Boots:Tonktastic - Long Combat boots

The sea was calm...

Another round of the Grunge Soul Project.. A&M have three tees there... this one, a plain one and a panda one that has to be seen to be believed.. I wear the panda one a lot in the hope of offending someone. The tees have really good prim sleeeves that fit perfectly.
The scarf isn't new but it's my favorite. It's a flexi one with really good movement. It comes in loads of different textures and colors.

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Zero Hat/hair: Drot - The Jordan Scarf: ::Static:: - Original Reaper scarf Tee: .:A&M :. - Dark Gret T-Shirt (Kraken) Pants: [NV] - Baggy 0.0 black Shoes: [JP]:dsg - HighPads

Winter comes...

Annnnnd I forgot my coat. :P
So, cue gratuitous vanity shot for the new skin I've been walking around in for days. This is Zero from Tableau Vivant, which comes in twelve tones. I'm wearing number 4

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Zero skin Hair: Sadistic Hacker - Claude  Hairbase: Aitui - Standard 4 Jeans:[NV] - Hipster jeans, ripped, grey Shoes: [ JP ]:dsg. - HighPads

I'll be your huckleberry

Yes it's mask time again \o/
I have no idea why this went a bit Western, I just went with it. Anyway, it was a good excuse to blog this coat thatyou all should have. The hat was a lucky find, I modded the color a bit on that and the gloves, leather pants and the boots.

Mask: [ContraptioN] -  The Four Eyed *leather LB* Hat: Deadwool - Everett hat (dark) Coat and turtleneck: Mr. Poet - Cape coat turtleneck Gloves: 1st Act - Devil's finger gloves (Marketplace) Pants: sf designs - easy rider pants (brown) Belt: Manticorp - Gunslinger belt Boots: K Boots (brown)

Lazy Sunday

New skin from Egoism called Evian. This is the medium of the three tones. I am also wearing the eyebrow strip tattoo layer.
A new weekly event called "Lazy Sunday" is where I picked up this necklace from Kosh which is discounted only today. So, go get it!
New jeans from Connors.  :O
Skin: Egoism - Evian - Johan medium Hair: Yasyn's Honest Fauxhawk - Auntie Jay's Smokestack Hairbase: Aitui: Standard hairbase 004 Eyes: nanuk - fyr eyes revisited, green Necklace: Kosh: Ramus necklace Jeans: Connors - Buckleback jeans (Black) Pose: [LAP] -  M-SnS - Roll Back
...Takes a moment to mark this day


If you're looking for some color, you're looking at the wrong blog. Anyway, made the jacket a bit darker to go with my hat I've had forever.
Hat: Dump Factory - K-23 Hair: Drot - Jason Jacket: A:S:S - Bonaparte jacket - black Jeans: Epic - Distressed Wrinkled & Ripped Pose: [LAP] - M-SnS - You Dont Know Me

Hybrid killer

Always on the lookout for interesting bits of metal.. found this armor which is an easy mod to fit, unless you have arms the same thickness as a fire hydrant. There is leg armor too but trust me, if you're a guy, you are not going to get away with wearing it.

Armor: [KI] Hardsuit Arm - Stealth

The mask, from the same store is brilliant! You can have tubes or filters, (right, left or both). Particles can be vapour (clear) or gas (green) or none. Lens can be clear, dark or opaque and the sound can be loud, quiet or off.

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Eyes: Repulse - Biohazard eyes Hairbase - Madesigns - Trib 8Make up: Sorry.Asia - Face stripe Hair: *Birth* - Racer hair Mask: [KI] Kojima SLR-07 Gas Mask 1.0

Nothing moves but ghosts along the road

More stuff you forgot you had. Hair: [V] - Sounds Like A Melody - Black Facial  hair: Emortal Concepts - Facial hair 50% Face tattoo: Sorry.Asia - Nose plasties Coat: Goth1c0 - Long jacket Jeans: Muism - Kirk jeans black Munro Belt: Manticorp - Gunslinger belt Tape: SiniStyle - Taped Fists, thin wrists

light up this world tonight

Lots of newness here .. where to start.. Well, new pet, he's a rescue owl. With a bit of an attitude. He was rejected from Hogwarts RP sim apparantly, for failing the entrance exam. He was asked a particularly difficult question about delivering a letter. His reply was  "Why don't you text like everyone else on the planet, you dumb f***".
I did  try to explain about RP but all he did was give me a look and regurgitate a pellet on my shoulder. No matter, I'm going to sell it on Ebay, I just need to get creative with the description. 
I decided to name him "Chip". But then,  my pet butterfly took offense at not having a name... He's now called "Fish". He seems happy with that, he doesn't remember that guy from Marillion.. I wish I didn't either.
When I first got the butterfly, his default possition was right by my bum. I said it wasn't a good idea to stay down there too long, considering what I'd had for supper so we decided m…

Well that is life, kiddo

Well, it was bound to happen at some point, wasn't it? Me standing around in my undies. 
Everyone should have an "amusing undies" folder and I'm no exception.
So, ladies and germs, for your delectation and delight.. Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii undieeeeeees!!!

Skin: *Birth* - Li Hair: 99 Elephant - Vicky Hair base: Aitui - Standard hairbase 004 Eyes: Nanuk - fyr eyes revisited Make up: [ES] >Itzel< Eyeshadow, dark (Marketplace) Facial hair: Nanuk - Boxers: Drop Dead - Kawaii Crotch Boxers - Low Waist (5 pack) (Marketplace) Pose:  Diesel Works

No apologies for the song

Old, new, split in two

Went to Deco to pick up the mesh boots for Fifty Linden Friday which I've yet to blog because I have no idea where Friday went...stuff kept happening. Any road up.. I decided to have a look around because I've not been there in ages... I found boots and hat \o/
So, let the modfest begin! I moved hat position and modded hair a little.. darkened pants and made them a bit baggier. And decided to wear two layers of the tattoo to make it pop. xD
Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Hair:  [taketomi] - Keiji, Platinum 4 Hairbase: Madesigns - Tintable Hairbase, Tribe 6 Cap: Deco - Patrol cap Make up: [ES} >Itzel< Eyeshadow, dark (Marketplace) Face tattoo: Sorry.Asia - War.Paint (Black) Dog Tags: Mandala - Dog Tags (s/hadow) Tee: Buid - Tank white Pants: Ronsem - Cargo pants (Black) Belt: <The Abyss > - NAU Combat belt Boots: Deco - Mud boot Tattoo:::Para Designs:: - High Roller


Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Hair: Drot: The Tobi Make up - Sorry.Asia - Face Stripe Respirator: SiniStyle -Cyber respirator Goggles: >SS< - Villain goggles Tee: ::Hermony:: -  tank tp , Plan black Pants: Muism - Cargo shorts (Black) Tape: SiniStyle -  Taped Fists, thin wrists Tattoo: Paradox - tattoo cube

The end of mankind..

This is the first Mesh avi from Tokushi Avatars. They have been making Furry/Fantasy avis for years and do so really well.
Usual rules apply with mesh.. you need to be on the latest SL viewer or one that supports mesh, or you ain't gonna see nuffin.

Avatar: Tokush Avatars - Photo-Synthic Alien