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Bide your time

The Pose Fair opens tomorrow, so here's the last one from Inertia. Inertia - out on a limb, gazer 1 and gazer 2. (new)

Clockwise from left to right... perched, beachbum, lookup, boots and twisted. 

Get your sea legs

A new set of poses from Inertia for the Pose Fair, starts Friday. Inertia - Sea Legs

It's a good day to die

A new couple pose from Inertia at The Pose Fair soon! Inertia - The Dead Drop

Three's a crowd

More Pose Fair offerings from Inertia.  The Pose Fair starts on the 19th. Change, Tread and En route

Down to business...

The Pose Fair is next week and Inertia is gonna be there!  It opens to mere mortals on 19th April. Here's the first pose from Inertia.
Pose Fair LM's etc. to follow next week. Pose: Intertia - Get a grip (@Pose Fair)