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Epoch-Legend is open. I suggest you go have a look. :) Visit Epoch-Legend Epoch info Skin: Nivaro - Cunov, ghoststone - nohair Hair: [Iruco] Epoch-B (new @Epoch-legend) Hairbase: Aitui - Standard hairbase (x2) Eyes: Damned - Eyes 34 Makeup: la malvada Mujer - yes sir #1 Waistcoat: [Iruco] Vest - (new @Epoch-legend) Pants: [Iruco] cropped trousers - (new @Epoch-legend) Tape: SiniStyle - taped fist and black nails (thin wrists- fingers) Shoes: Vader's - All - Black Pose: :=-3M-=: standing1_m_001 Location: {vespertine} - sense of  (new @Epoch-legend)
Chair: *Y's HOUSE* Round Chair 02 Pose: DM - Waiting room male Location: {vespertine} - sense of  (new @Epoch-legend)


   The Epoch-Legend event starts this weekend . Feb 26th 0.00 AM - March 11th 0.00 AM (no LM at time of blog publish). DM has three items at the event and they will only be availabe there and no where else, ever! Skin: Tableau Vivant - Zero - Fantasia (Onyx) Hair: Raw House -  Khaos
Hair base: Aitui -Etched hair base, Monumentum Eyes: Avid - Blue Mist (Black sclera) Makeup 1: Tableau Vivant - Vincent makeup , Silver Spry Makeup 2: La malvada Mujer - pois moderno #5 Body tattoo: [DH] Tintable Body Paint Gloves: goth1c0 - Clean gloves with white fingertape Prop and pose: 'DM - Escher - Stars'.  A MESH star polyhedron and four poses. (Exclusive to Epoch-Legend event) *Special Meeroo guests -  Nebuchadnezzer, Berserker and Nabonidus. *(No meeroo was harmed in the making of this photo)

I got the you know what

             New skin, hair and mesh jeans! This skin has nice range of  tones, I'm wearing the palest one. Lots of body hair options to choose from and a ton of beards you can buy separately. The jeans come in twelve different colours and I don't have to do a major body rebuild to get them to fit, which is novel. And last but not least, new hair from Raw House.. epic as always.
Skin: Nivaro - Cunov, ghoststone - nohair (new) Hair: Raw House - Wolf (new) Eyes: Damned - Eyes 34 Makeup: la malvada Mujer - yes sir #1 Ears: Schadenfreude - Fey ears Jeans: [NV] jeans black *MESH* (new)

And now for something completely different....

 This is a post about a place called "spirit", made by Claudia Jewell. A full sim installation Here are a few photos of  an awe inspiring sim made from mesh. The avi is free and I'm ever hopeful a male version will available sometime soon.
Mesh avatar: ccc spirit avatar 2 by claudia222 Jewell (Free at location) Pose: DM - Flow #2

Pose: DM - Waking Up Drowning
Pose: DM - Angelic male

Move it!

Mesh Avatar: [JK] - Gecko Avatar, from Marketplace Pose: DM -  Sky Reach Location: Chouchou

Pose: DM - Rush Hour Sky setting: [TOR] SCIFI - Railingz 1 (modified)

Intruder Alert!

Doncha just fucking love mesh? Clothes, well everything: Krova - Rutabaga *mesh* Pose: DM - Beast Location: My very own section of Insilico.\o/

Caught a glimpse

Skin: [Gauze] - Steel Drow Hair: 99 Hair - Vicky Face tattoos: :LP: -  Hornet face [ni.Ju] Infliction 02 (Bloody Valentine Event) Monocle: [Contraption] - Gavin's Monocle Jacket:  [Contraption] - Gavin Jacket set Pants: Kosh - Corduroy pants , Black  Boots: Tonktastic: 50's  Jump Boots Pose: 3M - Standing19_dm_m_02_left

Location: memento mori, Chouchou V

Welcome... to Hell

A couple of things from the Horror Valentine Event
Mouth - [Contraption] - The Glutton Mouth (The Horror Valentine Event) Horns:  [Contraption] - Walton's parade:Wicked Horns Hair: *Birth* - Racer Hair, black Tattoo: Repulse - Full body bloodstain tattoo Location: *QP* SkyBox Bloodstain . (Gatcha)  (The Horror Valentine Event)

Arrange the symmetry

My 2nd post for theCHIC management's Back to Black event. New and exclusive items have been designed to form a collection inspired by words of hope and courage. The event runs from the 11th - 29th February
Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Fenruary Hair: "LoQ Hairs" - Grappa Cellini Eyes: Repulse - Living dead eyes v2 eyes *Make up tattoo (eyes): Carbon Make up 1 *Make up tattoo (Lips): Carbon Make up 4 *Only available from the SE Selene skin from Damned (Black to Black) Outfit: [Cheerno] - Fight. SKY(Black to Black) Boots: DECO - Mud boot Monacle:[Contraption] - gavin's Monocle *Gunmetal* Tape: SiniStyle - Fist tape (full palm) Pose: DM -Woawh #1 Location: RachelBreaker BigBOKKYBactory (Totally Tintable)

Back to Black event

 CHIC management's Back to Black event New and exclusive items have been designed to form a collection inspired by words of hope and courage. The event runs from the 11th - 29th February Skin: Akeruka - Daimien skin for Back to Black (Back to Black Event) Hair: [Anaphora] - Jayden black Outfit: [Cheerno] Fight.DEX (Back to Black Event) Hand tape: SiniStyle - taped fist - (Full Palm) Guts Tape: SiniStyle - Guts tape Pose: DM - Precious Face


Yeah, I know, this has been blogged to death. It's more of a reminder to me that I actually own this, rather than a"Lookie what I found!"
Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent February Hair: **Dura-Boys&Girls** 04(Woodsmoke resize) Tattoo: :LP: - Chemicals Collide Top: .:Vilena:. - Panda Skull cotton pullover Pants: Ronsem - Cargo pants black Ciggy: Hermony - Ultimate Cigarette Ears: Pixlights - Ears