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Can't ever quite die

Skin: Nivaro - Zan (new) Jaw: ContraptioN - tungsten (new) Eyes:  Dead Apples - Sinistre lLfeless Bleached (new) Make up: ::VyC:: - Smoky Eyes Make up: Clemm - Sleepless day 6 black (new) Hair base: Fruk - Black hairbase Face tattoo: Repulse - Torn cheek Neck Tattoo: Repulse - Slit Throat Claws: [in.Ju] - Blood tipped claws Pose: Del May Poses -Sickness

A pain that I'm used to

Skin: Fruk - Fade to grey - Lennon skin Hair: Boon - DTU831 hair ash Ears: []Trap[] - Gelf ears (new) Body tattoo: [Gauze] Idra tattoo/ Gargoyle (new) Face make up: 1. Clemm - Sleepless Day 6 2. +Nuuna+ - Zion black Eyes: Dead Apples - Sinistre Darkness/Bleached (new) Claws: [in.Ju] Claws Legs: Titanias - Faun Obsidian Location: Alirium

The Gelf ears come with a hud for colour change of skin, glow, transparency, size etc.
The body tattoo comes in loads of different colours.

Will destroy us all, make us crawl

Skin: FRUK - Fade to grey - lennon skin Hair: [Burley] - Carlo Hairbase: FRUK - Black hairbase (new) Top: TonkTastic - Tactical Sweater [Cotton] (new) Jeans: Ronsem - Straight Jeans / jetblack (new) Gloves: Deco - Mesh Pilot gloves /gravel (new) Boots: Deco - Mesh Brawler Boots / gravel (new) Pose: Del May Poses - Orderly Queue 16m Location: William Weaver - Build 004 
*Top: TonkTastic - Tactical Sweater [Cotton] (new) * Hud driven.. colour change, top and sleeve length options. (Also available in woolen, sold separately) Pose: Del May Poses - Slobbin' (new)
Mesh pet attachment: [Manticore] - Fenrir v2

I'll take it as a sign

Top: SEY - Ensemble_01_(C/sweater) Cut-off_version (new) Pants: Aahakee - xs_Charcoal Minimal D pants (new) Ears: Mandala - Steking ears (new) Pose: :::Lithium:: - Hip Bar v3 (new)

Wants this world to burn

Armour: ::: Bare Rose ::: -  Gaap Horns: [][]Trap[][] - Obsidian Crown Ears: [europa] Sylven ears ivory (dark) Staff (top photo) Eldritch - Lambentea Staff Wings: [europa] - Nyxus wings Gold tips Legs: [europa] - Dravyn legs (Humanoid) Mask: [ContraptioN] - The Four Eyed *leather Hair: "LoQ Hairs" Grappa Cellini - Black Pose: Del May Poses - Catch 

Only inches away from me...

Mesh avatars: etam - Slender man mesh avatar (new) Pose 1: (window) Del May Poses - Slumped Walk Pose 2 - my own Location: William Weaver - Edward Hopper Build 001

Watch the visions get faster

Coat: [Sheep Door] Duffle Coat Check male(S) (new) Pose: Del May Poses - Taxiii! (new) Gloves: Reek - Cozy Mittens - Black Scarf:  Bother - Wooly, Colorchange Location:  * C i c a *

Right as rain

Just a nice place to take a photo or two Skin:Nivaro - Cunov skin Hair (no longer available) Eyes: Clemm - ReSnick eyes, Black Sclera (new) Face tattoo: +nuuna+ -  Makeups v12 4 male (new) Lip tattoo:  -Damned- - Carbon make up 1 Scarf: ::Static:: - Original reaper Scarf Top: Scars - mesh T shirt black Pants: Chronokit - Military Sorrouel, black Shoes: Vader's All-Black

No one should ever want to talk to the dead

Euphoria is hosting a Halloween event which starts today Skin: +Nuuna+ - Creep male Bodysuit: Clemm - DD suit (Halloween Event) (New) Hair: Discord Designs -  EFB01 Hat: Last Eden - Flippin the Bone Claws: [in.Ju] Claws Pose: Del May Poses - Cold Water