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Warrior's dance

Some more stuff from the Fantasy Gacha Carnival, which opens on Saturday Feb 1st. Axix: Voodoo Hood, Black (new) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival) Axix: Voodoo Necklace, [Normal] (Rare) (new) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival) PFC: Role Belt , Raider, (Rare) (new) (Fantasy Gacha Carnival) Yasum: Mesh Armor & Bracer DRD: Demon hands Pose: Del May - Getaway (new) (coming soon) Pose: Del May - Twisted Arcane - Libra (Previous Hunt Prize) Location - China
vendor poster


RO: Goblin Helmet (RARE)(new) @Fantasy Gacha Carnival (opens Feb 1st. LM to come) Deco:Mesh Paraboots Deco: Mesh Pilot Gloves Razor: Cargo Faders Eyes: Repulse -Biohazard eyes Repulse: Forced smile tattoo Repulse: Torn Cheek face tattoo ContraptioN: Pseudo Armor Harness ContraptioN: The Ice Fisherman's Ghost Mask (I colour tinted) (new) @ The Season's Story ContraptioN: The Manducator tungsten Jaw The Abyss: NAU Combat Belt  RO: Pipe Wrench Pose: Del May - Rush Hour (variant)

Nothing left to leave behind

{vespertine} - artistic tray {vespertine} - aquarell colors {vespertine} - jordan wire bed with lights/gold} (new) Apple Fall - Artists Desk Cheeky Pea - Roux Coffee Station (new) (The Neighborhood) Cheeky Pea - Roux Coffee Shelf (new) (The Neighborhood) Botanical -  'Twoey' Carnivorous Plant *MishMish* - Fortune Cat (new) (FLF) floorplan. - map chest / old Concrete flowers - memories of Autumn Digs - Arthur Pictures - Scattered [MESH] {vespertine} - dream light deco/clementine } (new) (Jan '14 group Gift) Pilot -  Fido [Carbon] {vespertine} - wood easel/just a little bit paint (new) . a i s l i n g . -  Deer Heart stool (new) (The Seasons Story) zigana - circle of flowers Zigana . rug . naturel .:Standby Inc. - Industrial Chair Apple Fall - Canvas Rack (Painted) Zigana - Apothecary cabinet {vespertine} - light decoration/clementine} +Half-Deer+ - Mr. Mousie Set (The Seasons Story)
All oyasumi items listed below are from the gacha at The Seasons Story oyasumi - explorers desk (RARE) (new) oyasumi…

Funny how secrets travel...

New hair from .Shi \o/ Hair: .Shi - Blown mono 3 (new) @ (The Boutique) Eyes: Dead Apples: Sinistre - Blind Grey Lips: Random matter - Glossy Chapstick - Spirit (new)@(Cosmetics Fair)

Say it again

Skin: The Shops -Yves  Head Tattoo: +Nuuna+ - Zion 2 White Eyes: Ikon - Mesh Pomise Eyes, Wight (@FaMeshed) Hair: {fd} - Shove it Top: Sey - Ensemble 01 D Sweater Gloves: A:S:S - Slink Fingerless Glove Appliers Nails: Kosh - Slink Applier Gradient Metallic Fingernails Pants: Aahakee - UX Comfort Fit (MP) Pose: Del May - I'm Here Male

Would you like to come inside?

Hair: Takitomi -  Masato. Black (new) (TMD) Glasses: [ContraptioN] - Wainwright Glasses (new) (TMD) Coat: Ison - Leather Panel Jacket, Black (new) (TMD) Gloves: A:S:S - Slink Fingerless Glove Appliers - Basics Pants: Ronsem - Skinny, Black  Pose: Inertia -  Dropped it Boots: Flite - Passports Black Lowrider Pose: Inertia - Finally (new)

Come to me in slow motion

Skin: The Shops - Yves Hair: Dura - *Dura-Boys&Girls*50(White) (new) Horns: Tabou Irresistible :: Horn Belted Frosted (RARE) (new) (at Oh My Gacha) Mesh Eyes: Ikon - Promise Quicksilver (new) (at FaMeshed) Ears: [The Skinnery] - Puki Mesh Ears (new)
Pose: Inertia - Listen (new)