RO: Goblin Helmet (RARE)(new) @Fantasy Gacha Carnival (opens Feb 1st. LM to come)
Deco:Mesh Paraboots
Deco: Mesh Pilot Gloves
Razor: Cargo Faders
Eyes: Repulse -Biohazard eyes
Repulse: Forced smile tattoo
Repulse: Torn Cheek face tattoo
ContraptioN: Pseudo Armor Harness
ContraptioN: The Ice Fisherman's Ghost Mask (I colour tinted) (new) @ The Season's Story
ContraptioN: The Manducator tungsten Jaw
The Abyss: NAU Combat Belt 
RO: Pipe Wrench
Pose: Del May - Rush Hour (variant)

"Metal teeth
    a diamond smile
 mechanical jaws
 a two ton bite."
Combichrist - Sent to destroy
Last man standing