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Monochrome Christmas

A bit early for Christmas but, anyway... 
From Tannenbaum
TP Ariskea - [Twinkling] Fir Pot Lighting Animate
The Loft - Monochrome Christmas gacha items  Ribbon Black  Bulb Ribbon White Bulb Ribbon Black Icicle Black  Bulb Ribbon Black Drop Black Bulb Black Glitter  Bulb White Glitter

Schadenfreude Feline 3 Catmas Ornament x2 Schadenfreude Fish 1 Catmas Ornament
Kuro - Hanging stars (twinkle twinkle) LaGyo_Teddy bear - White decor RARE Sari-Sari - Snowman Donut Plate [n.i] deadwood presents The Loft - Highland Sofa Gray

Wearing -
Howl - Martin Knit Sweater [Black] @Tannenbaum
Hair: Little Bones - Break (new) @ Uber
Other items darkendStare. The Cattening - Shadow (Stretch) @Kawaii Project darkendStare. The Cattening - Carl (Play) darkendStare. The Cattening - Shadow (Lazy) Apt B // Back To Black - Rug (previous gacha) {anc} lacecurtain .black:bokeh:white cinphul - Noli Me Tangere [v1g] (previous gacha)

Heavenly oversights

Coat: Modulus - Kyo Coat, Wine (new) @ Tannenbaum (opens 25th Nov) [LF] Bunny Secret Mask (Sliver, Red) (Silver, Black) (new) @The Fantasy Collective {S0NG} :: Casper~ Silent Eyes (Seed of Inspiration) @The Gacha Garden Hair (left) Drot - Avery @MOM) Poses: Inertia - Hang Back, Paradigm (new) @ Gen-Neutral

I'm so bored of taking my chances

Modulus - Snicks Hoodie (new) @Shiny Shabby 6 colours Version 1 - Long Sleeved (with texture hud for the sleeves) Version 2 - Sleeveless You get both versions when you buy. Works with TMP and Slink

Pose: Inertia - Step on it 5

One magic day, he passed my way

Pose: Inertia - Perception (new) @Gen - Neutral Raw House - Kuro (new) {anc} - fish shop daughters/ SymbiosisFish  [black] {anc} - fish shop daughters/ SymbiosisFish  [albino] {anc} - fish shop daughters / lotus:dark[ ::GB:: Heavenly warrior pants (TMP)  / Black

Make way for nostalgia

6° Republic  is on until 20th November Taxi

From 6° Republic Nomad -  Art Deco Industrial Couch Nomad - Art Deco Industrial Armchair
Nomad -Art Deco Industrial Coffee Table
Nomad -Art Deco Industrial Sculpture
Balaclava!! - Kehoe Phonograph
Fancy Decor: Petrified Wood
The Hive - Industrial Wall Unit
Balaclava!! - Kehoe Antique Phone
Soy - Aged marquee letters w/basket
Bazar - California- Reading lamp
MadPea - Hoodlums' Hideout  - Ashtray
The Hive - Industrial Lighted Arrow // Rusty
MudHoney - Hudson End Table - Black
Fancy Decor - Wire Clock

{vespertine} - rocking bird/taller (FLF)
+Half-Deer+ Cozy Cat (if I fits, I sits) - Brown Tabby @C88
{what next} Vermont Hot Chocolate Tray (Deer) @C88
Culprit Caturday  Karaoke (gacha Garden)
DRD MM radio (clickforsound)
Post - Haarlem Deco Vase with Calla Lilies
Post - Montreaux Dazzler Carbide Lamp
Soy. Grayish day Green glass bottles
NomadMystery Memory Game // Copper
Post - Tallkottar (pinecones)
Bazar - Traveler-Photo frame 1 and 2
dust bunny . sunday newspaper

Make some noise

6° Republic  is on until 20th November Taxi From  6° Republic   [tmk] mobile disco scripted [tmk] mobile disco S.S (mid range) [tmk] mobile disco S.S (woofer) [tmk] 45 box (2) [tmk] wood box (white) [tmk] wood box (brown) [tmk] 420can N4RS Vintage Bruxelle Rug California-Rug { affaire } industrial coffee table {Reverie} 'California Kicks' - Wooden Fish Decor [Commoner] California Dreamin' / Table Lamp { affaire } battleshots {BE} Burger & French fries (Click to Vend) {BE} Coffee (Click to Vend) Kalopsia - Venice Beach Beers [IDEZA Furnitures] - Licensed to Sit MudHoney Hudson Lamp - Black [IDEZA Furnitures] - Victorville Buffet California- VW retro bus
Fancy Decor: Print Books [ zerkalo ] California - Couch [IDEZA Furnitures] - Fan Light
Outside LB_GiantMaple.v3{AllSeasons} LB_GiantMaple.v2{AllSeasons} tight. chicago loft ladder swing light
+Half-Deer+ Cozy Cat (if I fits, I sits) - Brown Tabby @ C88 Sorgo - Akei Fruit Bowl C88 Toro.  Marrakesh Floor Cushion @ Wayward Market Zaara [Goa party] : Cannab…

Gen-Neutral November

Here are a few of the Inertia poses for Gen-Neutral. It opens today and 12 noon SLT. TP
Pose: Water Damage
Poses,Left-Right: Paradigm, Heir Apparent and Distant
Pose: Downtime
Pose: Brave the weather

We'll both brave the weather again

Pose: Inertia@ Gen-Neutral from 12th Nov (LM soon) :MoonAmore+Cureless: Owlsome Scarf Static-Open wings (new) @C88 Modulus Sweater - Black  (new) @TMD [Deadwool] - Worn out jeans Soy - Ginko Leaves (new) @C88

Don't care bout the dress code

Three of the new poses from Inertia@ Gen-Neutral on 12th Nov ( LM soon)
Gabriel: Offshoulder Black fur (RARE)@The Fantasy Gacha Carnival(new) Gabriel - Grow tank top(TMP)_black Pumpkin - Tank Top Rings: Level - Plate Rings (MP)

Thanks to Vas for standing about for ages

Don't care bout the dress code
Put it on, lets go !
Girls go wild Cause we're going al fresco
Ha ! :p

I guess I should go to sleep...

Pose: Inertia(soon at Gen-Neutral) Couch: Mudhoney - Hudson Sofa w/ pillows (new) @ 6 Republic Vale Koer - Future mag (new) (using fatpack custon hud)@TMD Vale Koer - Thermal Socks @TMD +Pepper+ :: Changing Seasons :: Blankie Fox  (new) (Gacha Garden) Hair: Burley - Joey 2 Tone (new) Rings: Level - Plate Rings (MP) Pants: Pumpkin - Sweatpants, grey, black stripe Curtain: Balaclava ! - Camden Room Divider H (Linen)

I guess I'll take off my shoes Head upstairs and watch the news ~Jack White~

Grey dawn

Coat: Gabriel - Double Fur Coat (new) (TMD)
Pose: Inertia (new)(for gen-neutral, soon)
I don't think I remember How long I waited there Watching everything Watching everything
My thoughts began to wander And then I realised Every moment I have lived Everything that I had seen Pass like this moment now  Pass like this moment now ~VNV~

Not forgotten

From 6 Republic ( Opens 6th Nov, LM soon ) Aanhelo  la voiture de grand-pere old garage garnish A and B workbench hose
The Gacha Garden uK- In the Bayou Junk Pile1, 2 and 3
TMD (Opens 5th November) Revival. - tyre stack
Little Branch -WhiteBirchCluster{Seasons} [we're Closed] - grass field dry

From one to another

Skin: Lure - Jennifer (new) @Mesh Body Addicts Dress: miss chelsea - Raya Dress (new) @Fameshed Ears: [CX] Elven Ears Tunnel Long Rare Eyes: Dead Apples - Shattered - Ruin Hair: Aeros -  Julius Make up: Arise - Smokey Eyes, Black Eyebrows - Bossie - Alice Eyebrows
Pose: Inertia - 15 of fame