I guess I should go to sleep...

Pose: Inertia (soon at Gen-Neutral)
Couch: Mudhoney - Hudson Sofa w/ pillows (new) @ 6 Republic
Vale Koer - Future mag (new) (using fatpack custon hud)@TMD
Vale Koer - Thermal Socks @TMD
+Pepper+ :: Changing Seasons :: Blankie Fox  (new) (Gacha Garden)
Hair: Burley - Joey 2 Tone (new)
Rings: Level - Plate Rings (MP)
Pants: Pumpkin - Sweatpants, grey, black stripe
Curtain: Balaclava ! - Camden Room Divider H (Linen)

I guess I'll take off my shoes
Head upstairs and watch the news
~Jack White~