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In the cold light of day

First hair from Modulus . Yay and stuff ! Hair: Modulus - Masaru @Men Only Monthly (20th March) Hud driven for resizing, hair colour and hair tie colour change.
Pose: Inertia

The Rainmaker

More stuff from the Arcade... mostly.

dust bunny . flower cabinet Picnic fish DU5,ltd (low LI)
tarte. raincloud light (modded) {anc} comet. / cage / black 1Li tarte. dripping faucet (steel) NOMAD // 06 // "Mr. Spring" Toy NOMAD // Adventurer's Stool NOMAD // Adventurer's Desk Kalopsia - Flying Paper junk. calipers & papers. tarte. aquarium bulb oyasumi / stack of books {vespertine} watercans (FLF) {anc} garden. whitebook 4Li ::BB:: Koi Bag for DU(TANCHO SENKI) S *AF* Paperwhites Round Pot Sm floorplan. a comet in the night print Apple Fall Rural Farmhouse RARE

Shadows take their toll

Blank Line - Cardie & Tee (new) (TMD) Background - anc- Lace curtain - fairy tale (new) (We <3 Roleplay) Burley - Atticus  Pumpkin - Re: Baggy Jeans Pose by Inertia

Nasty ! Nasty !

Some more Arcade stuff. :)
Intrigue Co. Plushie Pals: Cyndi the Black Widow - RARE  Plushie Pals: Amber the Mosquito Wigglesworth the Worm  Iris the Praying Mantis  Nana the Banana Slug Axel the Ant Plushie Pals: Marty the Fly  Lennon the Beetle Rufus the Roly Poly Mal the Firefly Dwayne the Scorpion
O.M.E.N Hansel + Gretel - Snow White's Apple Princess and  a pea roll Emporer's New Cookies Little Red's Black Forest Cake
Erratic 20.erratic / aea - plate of desserts 09.erratic / aea - sugar  12.erratic / aea - garden table 23.erratic / aea - tea lemon 14.erratic / aea - jam&cream 16.erratic / aea - basket of scones 3

dust bunny - small spaces kitchen . sink cabinet