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Look me in the eye, say that again..

Tattoo: Little Pricks - Under the Moon (new) @The Fantasy Collective Opens at noon SLT
And a pose I haven't quite finished yet... 

Exit wounds

Skin: Pink Fuel Andro - Ash <Peach> Pants: Apple May Designs - Nemesis Pants (TMD) (new) Bandages: [ht] - foot bandage Eyes: Ikon - Hope Eyes - Rustic Hair: Dura-Boy*49 Pose: Del May - Power Shower

A trace of light

Scarlet Creative - Lavender Brown House Prefab C88 (new) junk -  Hester's attic couch. antique C88 (new) junk - apothecary chest C88 (new) Intrigue Co. - Woodland LightsC88 (new) Sway's [Branch wrapped] candles (new) 4. AF - Reaching Plant Chapter Four (new) :::B::: - Kokedama 5 La Galleria - nourison-taupe contemporarty willow rug Zigana - door deco . mixed (Previous gacha)
Erratic - Tag gacha 10.erratic / coc - atlas moth frame 16.erratic / coc - butterfly jar 15.erratic / coc - dragonfly jar 17.erratic / coc - beetle jar 19.erratic / coc - book stack II 20.erratic / coc - sandclock 12.erratic / coc - assorted butterflies frame
Ispachi - [Florian] Sleeping Puppy In Basket RARE (Previous Arcade) AF - Woodstock (Previous gacha) .aisling. -  Bric-a-Brac Desk -Coffee (Previous gacha) Picture - mine

So you'll aim towards the sky....

So you'll aim towards the sky And you'll rise High today, fly away Far away, far from pain

Hat: Wonton: Soho Wide Brim Hat / Blak The Chapter 4(new) Coat: :::B:::big Collar long coat(S) no shirt TMD (new) Scarf: .S&S. Soopascarf 02 - Black  Eyes: Dead Apples - Phantom Eyes - The Alpha Make up: T.arnished - Supreme Eyes tattoo: AQ's Thunderbird Pose: DM - What of it?
The Trace   - closes tomorrow