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Nothing left...

Just a couple of bits of mesh Skin: the body co. - Sky 03 light Hair: 99 elephant - Iekelene br1 Coat: DECO - mesh Fisherman Slicker, small (new) Shorts: Aitui [Mesh] -  Everyday shorts, medium - Carbon fibre Boots: Dirty Lynx - baggers mesh boots, black (new) Location - Treptower park, eagle crest

A right pain in the....

No clothes of interest to blog so cue gratuitous nudity shot.... and.... a... shark.                                                      Pose: Diesel Works - Spartan 2 (new)
Shark: ::B:: - Themeory Shark Skin: the body co. - Sky 03 light Hair: 99 elephant - Iekelene br1 Feet: Slink - Mens natural barefeet (mesh rigged)

And then...

Just a quick post for the new hoodie from not so bad Skin: the body co. Sky (03 Light)  Hair:  99 Hair - Iekelene br1 Eyes:  Insufferable Dastard - Liquid Eyes, dark Green (mens Dept.) Scar:VCD - Express yourself , Eyebrow cut left a-b skiy s  Makeup: ::VyC:: - Smokey Eyes Hoodie: not so bad - FELIP hoodie, black

Got this song stuck in my head for some reason

My mind's in the sky

Just a quick blog for the new skin from the body co. and a reminder that The Men's Dept event is now on. The Men's Dept. Skin: the body co. - Sky - light Prim Eyes: Insufferable Dastard - Liquid Eyes, Dark Green (The Men's Dept.)
Hair: Entente - Thibaut, Midnight black Pose: DM - Nameless male

Morning grey

Another in my occassional series of "Stuff I'm never going to take off"
An excellent skin from FRUK for 150L...  That's just stupidly cheap and you're nuts if you don't go get it. I shall be doing another photo of this skin as I haven't done it justice here..  And this leather outfit from [Pumpkin] yes, I said "leather". o.o Both are exclusive to The Men's Dept. Event which  starts on 7th May  I mean srsly.. look at this shit.. You have to go! Skin: FRUK - Fade to grey - Lennon Skin (The Mens Dept) Hair: Exile - Jackson, Raven Outfit: [Pumpkin] - Leather Outfit (The Mens Dept) Boots: Gos - Triumph boots Leg bandana: SiniStyle - Leg tie bandana  Tape: SiniStyle - taped fists and black nails Location: Sparrowtree Studios Poses - SSp Platform 1 (colour moded)  (Culture Shock event)

Culture Shock

Some Culture Shock stuff and a new release from [Contraption] Headgear: ~plank couture~ Capricorn Sum Bellicus (Culture Shock) Mask: [Contraption] - Walton's mask *Ocean* (new) Scarf: [Contraption] - Mr Suspicious Scarf (tinted) Ear cuff: [glow] studio - Ear cuff (Raven) (Culture Shock) Wings: [europa] - Nyxus wings, Magpie Bodysuit: Cheerno -Fight Sky  and Dex
PoseDM - The queue (pose 16 M) (Culture Shock exclusive) Boots: Gos -  Triumph Boots Denim FaMESHed (exclusive)
Pose: DM - Giving