Morning grey

Another in my occassional series of "Stuff I'm never going to take off"

An excellent skin from FRUK for 150L...  That's just stupidly cheap and you're nuts if you don't go get it. I shall be doing another photo of this skin as I haven't done it justice here.. 
And this leather outfit from [Pumpkin] yes, I said "leather". o.o
Both are exclusive to The Men's Dept. Event which  starts on 7th May
 I mean srsly.. look at this shit..
You have to go!
Skin: FRUK - Fade to grey - Lennon Skin (The Mens Dept)
Hair: Exile - Jackson, Raven
Outfit: [Pumpkin] - Leather Outfit (The Mens Dept)
Boots: Gos - Triumph boots
Leg bandana: SiniStyle - Leg tie bandana
 Tape: SiniStyle - taped fists and black nails
Location: Sparrowtree Studios Poses - SSp Platform 1 (colour moded)  (Culture Shock event)


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