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punkin' instigator

Barber Shop - James @Hipster (new)  [Gild] Body suspender_black @Hipster (new) SU!- Zath'tus Collar -Male@Shiny Shabby (new) .random.Matter. - Star Craft - Blaster [Black] @The Epiphany (new) Cureless - Melodic doll glitter eyechips @Epiphany (points prize)(new) Mossu - Rebel boots @N21 (new) Demon Spit - Televangelist (new) Lovely Disarray - Aeternum Vale anxiety- railroad skybox anxiety - railroad fence anxiety - railroad molotov Vale Koer - baller Sleeves Jian- Raven collection , companion

Drink the wine of slaughter

konpietou - Rose Halo @The Fantasy Collective (new) anc- morning Glory @Kustom 9(new) Conviction - Living dead Doll eyes and make up Cureless - Valentine's Heart (blood drips - Photoshop) Modulus - Drew Swallow - Pixie Ears

Read between the lines

A&Y Neos Cyber Mask (Jake) - multicolor @The Men's Jail (new) [ContraptioN] Jetship Goggles (L'homme gift) (new) Conviction - Lucent Eyes @Lookbook (new) Krova - Face Stuff