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Breathe with me...

New skin time! \o/
This Ethereal Lilac skin from the Plastik is a precursor to the Averian skin that will have 11 tones. Woohoo! This Special Edition skin is only 99L so go get it!

Skin: :[P]:- Averian Ethereal Lilac (Special Edition) Hair: Drot - Tommy Eyes: Poetik Colors - Fairy Eyes, Hansel dark Pants: Ronsem - cargo 11

Today we are all demons

Gotta love the masks from Contraption and this one is no exception. It's a limited time group gift, so I suggest you get over there! It's called 'Stolas' which, to the uninitiated (like I was up until a few hours ago) is Great Prince of Hell, commands twenty-six legions of demons, and teaches astronomy and the knowledge of poisonous plants, herbs and precious stones. He is depicted as either being a crowned owl with long legs, a raven, or a man . So, I kind of went with that and this is the result. Fun pic to do, a hoot infact. :p 

Mask: [ContraptioN] - Devil Mask *stolas* Hair: A&Y - Neo-Phoenix Cyber hair (Black) Necklace: Kosh - Nebula Necklace Jacket: *COCO*Homme - Flight Jacket (Brown) Tattoo: kobilica - Feathers Tattoo

Part character, part sensation

Nothing brand new here so if you haven't got this stuff already you should have. Photo is just an excuse to post the video.
Coat: sf design  - Trench coat Mask: *~*Illusions*~* - Zanni mask Pants: Emery - Jean shiny black Shoes: Rawdolls - Pitchbull Hi-cake

Nothing to say but it's OK

Hair: Wasabi Pills - Trent hair Glasses: K_gs - Ant Tee: [NSD] - Lennon Rebel  Shirt 4 Scarf: Brother - Wooly scarf Jeans: *somapop* - [SP] ultra low jeans blk Shoes: UBU PornStar Lo-Tops Pose: Stand from Cova 10 AO

Still waters...

Some new hair from Dura and a skin I've not blogged. The other stuff is not so new but it's stuff I like and wear and that's the whole point of my blog.

Hair: Dura - Boy *25 Hair base: Aitui - Standard hairbase 004 Skin: body co. - Ash (Black Brows) Beard: - Emortal Concepts Scarf:  Brother - Wooly Belt: *Blitzed* - Plugged Belt  T-Shirt - *Blitzed* -  Infected Pants: Epic  - Distressed Wrinkled & Ripped Boots: K Boots (Black) Tape: SiniStyle - Taped Fist (loose hand- forearm)

Sitting pretty

I'm not normally a fan of poses in furniture.. and animated ones are just annoying. But today I've found some animated poses that are really well done. It has eight animations including a laughing one which I shall never get bored of! It even has an animation for when you first sit down, and the stool is color change. So get yourself down to Happy Dispatch. xD

Stool: HD - multi animation stool Hair: [Colors] 46 Ears: [Gauze] - Mythic ear=Jewelry Spiked Make up: La Malvada Mujer - yes sir #1 Tattoo: :LP: - The Sun Necklace: Kosh - Wise Owl necklace Pants: SLink - Bootcut jeans mesh (free gift during August) Feet: Slink - Jolie Pied feet for men

A simple test...

I swore to myself I'd never do a post about jeans... oh well.
But I tell myself these are different, because they are mesh jeans.
So no distortion when you're jumping about. These are made by SLink and are free during August.
Because of the nature of the beast, one size does not fit all, so there are different sizes to choose from. I'm wearing "average".. not a word I'm familiar with but hey... one small problem.. it seems my bum is too big and the waistband of the jeans at the back doesn't show on me, lol!
Anyway, it was nice to try some mesh gear even though I had to use Kirsten's Viewer which kills my fps.

Pants: SLink - bootcut jeans mesh (gift during August)

Paint it....

Not blogged this skin before, so I thought I would, with some new ink.

Skin: body co. - Fox Hair: Raw House - Urban Savage 2 Eyes: Nanuk - li eyes honber (seasons hunt) Necklace: ::GB:: - Eaglek necklace  Feathers: :: fore ::  feathers Pierce w*bk(L) Face tattoos: 1. La Malvada Mujer - yes sir #1  2. [LP] - Love of Battles 2 Body tattoo: :LP: -  The Warrior

The dead eyes opened...

I thought it was about time we did tongues.... Skin: Sorry.Asia - Bento clean T3 Hair: ...Scars... - Glico [Brown] Eyes: Repulse - Zombie v2 eyes (Tan) Make up: La Malvada Mujer - pois moderno #5 Tongue: ...:::Scrub:::... - Death's Head Tongue

The sinner in me

Newness from Sorry.Asia. \o/ This is Bento.. There are four tones and clean or hairy chest versions. I'm wearing no eye make up, I do believe that is a first, ladies and germs. The facial hair is new from Sorry.Asia too..there are twenty differnt styles. :O

Skin: Sorry.Asia - Bento (Hairy Chest T3 Facial hair: Sorry.Asia - facial hairs 20 Eyes: Sorry.Asia - Bento eyes (sand) Hair: Raw House - Orlando [Black]01 Hairbase: Aitui - Standard hair base 04 Necklace: .HoD.- The Path To Forgiveness (male)  Tattoo: Repulse - Sinner Stomach Wound tattoo Jeans: Zaara - Distressed Jeans *Black* 1 Belt: ..::Scrub::.. - :::My Lord::: (man) Tape: SiniStyle - Taped fist and thin wrist


Always knew I'd get on the telly..
Skin: Tableau Vivant: Vincent Hair: [taketomi] - Keiji Hairbase: Aitui - Etched hairbase Monumentum Tee: :Hermony: - Tank Top plain Pants: Epic - Mens Distressed wrinkleded & ripped Belt: *Blitzed* - Plugged belt Shoes: UBU - PornStar Lo-Tops Necklace: BC322 - Screaming skull necklace Tattoo: {birdy} - darkness over birdy Finger tape: Sinistyle - Taped fist and black nails (Thin wrists) Bracelet thing: [Acide!] - Enlace moi, V2 Television: [Pixels] - SlideShow TV Pose: Y's House  - hunt gift

I'll play your game

Masks are seriously underrated in my opinion..... as are good particle effects.
Mask: *~*Illusions*~* - Zanni mask Sweatshirt: Nanuk - erland sweatshirt Particle light things: Festiva

A sign of things to come

Skin: Tableau Vivant:  Vincent Platinum (Platinum Hunt) Hairbase: Madesigns - Tribal 8 Hair: A&Y - Echo cyber hair

That boy needs therapy....

My very own padded cell..
Skin: +Nuuna+ -  Ellivu male skin Jacket and hood: :::[Pixels]::: - GhostKat jacket Sleeves: [LWL] - (part of) Ninja II outfit Pants: [LWL] - Fame Leggings Face tattoo: - Nose plasties Feet: SLink Jolie Pied feet for men Padded Cell: Adorkable poses - My Padded Room (Platinum Hunt gift) Pose: [LAP] - Stance 17
"He was as white as a sheet, and he also made false teeth."

Just for a second....

Just a couple of things I haven't blogged about before. The coat from Tonktastic is a group gift and the army scarf from Brothers' which is color change.
If my inventory vanished and this was all that was left, I'd be fine with that.

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Beanie: :Hermony: - Oversized beanie Eye patch:Sinistyle - Eye patch Coat: Tonktastic -  Connor's jacket (John) Scarf: Brother - Wooly scarf Pants: Ronsem - Cargo pants, black Belt: *Blitzed* -  Plugged Belt Boots: Tonktastic - Long combat boots Finger tape: SiniStyle - Taped Fist (thin wrist) Beard: Emortal Concepts - 50% Eye make up: :Little pricks: - Brawler Nose Plasties:

We are the dead of night

Skin: - Kyle T1 clean Eyes: Repulse Zombie v2, blue Face tattoos: 1: Tableau Vivant - Vincent make up, Silver Spry  2: :Little Pricks: - Chemicals Colide Cowl: Illusions - Khimer Wrap Necklace: [Acide!] - Dark Perly Kiss 2 - M

Got to save yourselves from yourselves

So, more newness. This is a limited edition skin from Buried, only available at GSP4. Due  to a spectacular hangover, I really wasn't in the mood to find hair to go with this so you're stuck with this hair base from a different skin, and if I don't wear the skin that goes with it, it will be the most expensive hair base ever! Skin: [-B-] Dash [GSP4 Limited edition skin] Hairbase: Reo-G - Regulus hair base Eyes: - Kyle eyes (blue) Eye Make up: [ES] >Itzel< - Eye shadow, dark (Marketplace) Tattoo: :::insanya::: -  Strong Spririt Sleeves

Sent to destroy

Nothing like jumping off your skybox roof in the morning!
The mask is the reason for this post..... loads of different colors..impossible to choose. I suggest you go look, it'll make you smile! (You'll get what I mean when you get there).

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent  Hair: Cobrahive - Fenli Hairbase: Madesigns - Tintable tribe 6 Mask: [ContraptioN] - The Four-Eyed Bloodlust (Group gift) Claws: [ni.Ju] - Blood Tipped Claws Tape: Sinistyle - Taped guts Katana: )<SF>( Takeichi Katana, v4 Pants: []Trap[] - Hakama pants

My eyes grow darker...

This is the special edition Kyle skin for GSP4 (Grunge Soul Project, 4) which starts on Sunday. No Photoshop trickery and I'm not wearing any tattoo layers, which is a first! So if you don't go get it, you're a bit crazy in the coconut. P~~~~
Other newness is the shirt from Ronsem. I made it a bit darker.. Ronsem black is never, black, black. It comes in five colors.. fatpack time! :)

Skin: - Kyle (GSP4) Beanie: .:Hermony:. - Oversized beanie, black Shirt: Ronsem - Front open shirt, black Belt: *Blitzed* - Plugged belt
Necklace: SiniStyle - Lucky Shot Bracelet: :Fusion: - Belt chain bracelet Pants: Amerie - Loose pants

Super Space Invader

Spent waaay too much time faffing with the color options for the arms and visor.

Hair: *Birth* - Stripe hair, raven Hair base: Aitui - (MHOH 2010 prize)  Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Face tattoo: +Nuuna+ - Makeup 7. v8 Tattoo: :Little Pricks: - Cyborg II Visor: A&Y - Hi-tech cyber glasses Top:>>Roots<< - 00T10011 Cyber arms:Grollwerks - Cybernetic arms Belt thingy: AVZ - Urbanix skirt Pants: Emery - Jeans skinny black #02 Boots: Tonktastik - Long combat boots

Just like me

Newness from, a new skin and it's pale! Woohoo!
It's called Kyle and their are four tones (I'm in the palest one, no surprises there). There are two different beard versions, chinstrap and the clean one, which I'm wearing.
So yeah, really pleased how it looks and so is my *late* Meeroo who is smiling in the photo (I'm not good with pets, well alive ones). 

Skin: - Kyle\Tone1\ clean (new) Hair: Cobrahive - Fenis Hair base: Aitui - Monimentum 001 Eyes: Repulse - Viral eyes (normal) Eye makeup: [ES] >Itzel< eye shadow\dark (Marketpace item)  Shoulder Pet: HI - Dead cat Tee: >>Trap<< - People Person T-Shirt

Skin vision

Couldn't find anything interesting to wear so decided not to wear anything! \o/
All you need is some ink, piercings and epic ears :D

Skin:  Tableau Vivant - Vincent Hair: *Birth* - Racer Hair base: Madesigns - Tribe 8 Ears: [Gauze] - Mythic ear=Jewelry Spiked Eyes:  Repulse - Zombie v2 eyes Piercings: .HoD. - Sideswept v3 (I moved some piercings down to my cheekbones) Face tattoo: Plastik - Demon Fades Unia Tattoo::Little Pricks - Connect

Magic people, voodoo people

Not what I usually blog, I grant you, but I found this skin interesting.
Skin: Fallen Gods - Hybrid Hair: Wasabi -  Horus (I modded the feather colors) Eyes: Repulse - Zombie v2 Tattoo: *Birth* - Animal Imagination

There's nothing at the end of the day but stare

Beanie:  +BM+ - HO52 (black) Skin: the body co. - Hunter Facial hair: Emortal - 50% stubble Tee: Goth1c0 - Evolve tee Sweatshirt: Nanuk - erland sweatshirt Armbands: KOSH - Leather braid armbands Shooz: [JP]:dsg - Highpads Pants: Ronsem - Cargo 11
Pose: *Y's HOUSE* - OMISE002_Kaidan04

Bigmouth strikes again...

Yes, yes, I know, I know, me in a tanned skin.. what can I say? It's sunny here!

Hair: *Birth* - Stripe hair (Black) Hair base: Aitui - Standard hair base  Skin: *Birth* - Li (Light) clean Eyes: .:Hermony:. - MP eyes - coffee Tee: .:Hermony:. - tank top plain black

Come to the back

My new favorite thing is this collar, nuff said. :D

Hair: Cobrahive - Fenis Hair base: Aitui - Biomech web w/hairbase (MHOH 2010 hunt item) Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Eyes: .:Hermoney:. - MP eyes (Vamp) Face tattoos: 1. :LP: - Hornet face 2.:LP: - Alchemy's Warning Tattoo: :LP: - Runes Claws: [ni.Ju] Claws Collar: Ferox .Faber - Mechcollar Pants: Goth1c0 - Giger leather pants Belt thingy: AVZ - Urbanix
The song for this post? Well, it's gotta be, hasn't it?

Fuck what you heard

Hair: [NSD] - Clarkson Hairbase: Aitui - Standard Hairbase Face tattoo:  :Little Pricks: - Brawler Faicial hair: Emortal Concepts - Facial hair tattoo 75% Dog Tags: Mandala - Shamira dog tags (w/shadow) Top: BC322 - Criminal tanktop Pants: Connors - Half cargo camo (Moss) Leggings: Connors -  leggings (Moss + Black Boots: [Gos] -[DOCS-V2] 8 hole Hand tape: Sinistyle - taped fist, full palm Cuff: .:Hermony:. - Wristlocker

Just recline in the faraway

The new chair from Y's House and a couple of other things I've not blogged before.

Hair: Raw House - Orlando Hair base: Aitui - Standard hair base Skin: the body co. - Hunter Dog tags: Mandala - Shamira dog tags (w/shadow) Cuff: .:Hermony:, - Wristlocker Hand tape: SiniStyle - Taped fist, full palm Jeans: Goth1c0 - Vintage jeans charcoal v3 Chair: Y's House_ Round Chair 02 Build: *Y's HOUSE* OMISE002

Warrior's dance

Me at my new gaff from Y's House using one of the poses from the hunt, mentioned in my previous post, oh and five face tattoo layers.

Hair: Raw House - Trilby Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent Eyes: .:Hermony:. - MP Eyes, vamp Hand tape: SiniStyle - Taped Fist, full palm Tattoo: [DH] - Tintable Bodypaint
Face tatoos: 1. +Little Pricks+ - Hornet face 2. +Little Pricks+ - Pout face 3. Tableau Vivant - Vincent make up, Silver Spry 4. Sorry.Asia - Face Stripe (Group Gift) new 5. Sorry.Asia - Tribal 2 (Black)