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Newness from sorry.asia, a new skin and it's pale! Woohoo!
It's called Kyle and their are four tones (I'm in the palest one, no surprises there). There are two different beard versions, chinstrap and the clean one, which I'm wearing.
So yeah, really pleased how it looks and so is my *late* Meeroo who is smiling in the photo (I'm not good with pets, well alive ones). 

Skin: sorry.asia - Kyle\Tone1\ clean (new)
Hair: Cobrahive - Fenis
Hair base: Aitui - Monimentum 001
Eyes: Repulse - Viral eyes (normal)
Eye makeup: [ES] >Itzel< eye shadow\dark (Marketpace item) 
Shoulder Pet: HI - Dead cat
Tee: >>Trap<< - People Person T-Shirt


  1. Loving this skin on you.. Yummalicious!

    Lmfao @ your late Meeroo.. I killed mine off too!


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