Today we are all demons

Gotta love the masks from Contraption and this one is no exception.
It's a limited time group gift, so I suggest you get over there! It's called 'Stolas' which, to the uninitiated (like I was up until a few hours ago) is Great Prince of Hell, commands twenty-six legions of demons, and teaches astronomy and the knowledge of poisonous plants, herbs and precious stones. He is depicted as either being a crowned owl with long legs, a raven, or a man . So, I kind of went with that and this is the result. Fun pic to do, a hoot infact. :p 

Mask: [ContraptioN] - Devil Mask *stolas*
Hair: A&Y - Neo-Phoenix Cyber hair (Black)
Necklace: Kosh - Nebula Necklace
Jacket: *COCO*Homme - Flight Jacket (Brown)
Tattoo: kobilica - Feathers Tattoo


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