The sinner in me

Newness from Sorry.Asia. \o/ This is Bento.. There are four tones and clean or hairy chest versions. I'm wearing no eye make up, I do believe that is a first, ladies and germs. The facial hair is new from Sorry.Asia too..there are twenty differnt styles. :O

Skin: Sorry.Asia - Bento (Hairy Chest T3
Facial hair: Sorry.Asia - facial hairs 20
Eyes: Sorry.Asia - Bento eyes (sand)
Hair: Raw House - Orlando [Black]01
Hairbase: Aitui - Standard hair base 04
Necklace: .HoD.- The Path To Forgiveness (male) 
Tattoo: Repulse - Sinner Stomach Wound tattoo
Jeans: Zaara - Distressed Jeans *Black* 1
Belt: ..::Scrub::.. - :::My Lord::: (man)
Tape: SiniStyle - Taped fist and thin wrist


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