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Hear the noise

Nutmeg and Entwined - Cameron - Roots (new) @Shiny Shabby Izzie - Angel Eyes (new) (for FLF)

Pose - Inertia - Brighter than the sun

Death Stare

Tableau Vivant \\ Lelutka Applier - Mort Vivant - Clean (new) @The Dark Style Fair Genesis Lab. - "Call of spirits" - Shaman Hat (RARE) (new) @Epiphany Genesis Lab. - "Call of spirits" - Bone amulet (Exclusive) (new) @Epiphany Izzie - Demon Eyes Make up: Glam Affair - Lelutka Bento - Eyes Makeup Set 02 Conviction -Insomnia make up Zibska - Xylo lips Tattoo: Clemmm - Unkin Body Smear v1.1 (Group Gift)

You should have known I bite back

darkenStare - OmNom Wings dexteR/Sinister (RARE) (new) Shadenfreude - Mustella Skull Necklace (new) Gabriel - Gladiator Belt (RARE) (previous gacha) S- Raw cut Denim -  Black Dura - Boy*67 Catwa Teeth - Daniel fangs Dirty Secrets - Drool  (blood version) ContraptioN - Rip Claws [CX] Spiked Fury - Clean black Tabou - Andy Face Harness Cubic Cherry - {Pitch} Raven Pauldron Vale Koer - Aggro Stompers {anc} - Lacecurtain - Fairy tale {anc} -  feather chips {whitedye black} Body & Face Tattoo - TWC - Scratched Eyes - Izzie - Demon Eyes (Previous FLF) Pose - Inertia - Creepy crawler
Mindless Faith - Pretty Much Fucked

Accept the change

Skin: Stray Dog - Levi @ Man Cave (new) Hair: Dura - B78

Staring blank at my screen Waiting for a sign, waiting for  a smile to come to me IMAX - Happiness

Wish away each day

Hair: Shi. - Gavri'ela hair Jacket: Perry Bomber Jacket Seat: Cheeky Pea All from Uber

The importance of being idle

Gabriel - Black leather Bomber RARE @Pocketgacha (new) Gabriel -  Hoodie (Jacket in) @Pocketgacha (new) Gabriel - fingers less knit gloves @Pocketgacha (new) Hair : +eula+ - Lexie_Black/Brown RARE@Pocketgacha (new) Taikou - Galen market backdrop  @ Kustom9 (new) Vale Koer - Aggro Stompers  @ Kustom9 (new) Pose: Inertia (new)

A Sure Sign

[Kres] - Say it signs - 13 @ Kinky (new) Noche - crop -Tank @Kinky (new) Gabriel - Off shoulder shirt @ Kinky (new) Dura: B&G80 @ TMD (new) MGMen's - pants_ Nays @TMD (new) Vale Koer - City Sock Trainers

Poses : Inertia - Step Down 1 & 2 (new)

Electric blue

Hair: Opale - Danna Hair (new) @ Shiny Shabby Shirt: Gabriel (new) @ Kinky Backdrop: Isuka - Back alley backdrop @ Shiny Shabby

urban elf

[CX] - Spiked Fury (new) @TMD for August Stealthic - haunting Zora - Anyssa eyes (MP) (new) Swallow - pixie ears (new) @Mesh Body Addicts Fair

hearing damage

Pose: Inertia - Hearing damage (new) Build: Haikei - Change Your Mind RARE  (Kustom 9) (new) Chair: Haikei - Change Your Mind {2} (Kustom 9) (new) Pewpew! - Thought Polas (Previous Kustom 9) Hair: Dura - B78 @ Uber (new) Bamse - Gunslinger - Classic Black

Night pretending to be day

Pose: Inertia - been waiting (new) keke - moths to a flame - black @The Home Show (new)

I do my crying underwater

Pose: Inertia - Sinking 1 (new) Hair: Vango - Colin (new) Beard: Y-U - Ralph (new) Jeans: Deadwool - Broberry jeans (new) Shower: Soy - Outdoor Shower [BareWood] (new) @Knot&co

Yesterday's faded

Lovely Disarray - Casualty scar @Sombre (new) SU!: Darcey Eyes @Appliquè (new) *barberyumyum - *86M(black)  ::GB::Long Hodie & coat ( Poket in type) Black /Gray
Yesterday's faded Nothing can change it Life's what you make it

I won't heal, given time

Gabriel - Zipped Jacket and Tank (Navy)@Vintage Fair (new) Head: Catwa - Stanley @Ultra (new) Tattoo: Arise -  Chest Paint 3@ anyBody (new) Tears: Catwa Hair: Tram F1011 Eyes: SU! - Hadria Eyes
Make up: Adored - eye extras - eyebags
Eyelashes - Adored - jordyn lashes

And Stop...

Pose: Inertia - And Stop (new) BlankLine Ripped pants [Black] @TMD (new) [CX] Fighter's Mark - Black @TMD (new) Hair: Stealthic - reach @TMD (new) ::GB::Grow tank top(TMP)_black Build: :HAIKEI: The Way I Feel_Gacha / RARE@Kustom9 (new)

Gods and Monsters

Hair: .Shi : Batach @Shiny Shabby (new) Tattoo: Speakeasy Balance @Kawaii Project (new) Piercing: ::GB:: Lip piercing  @Shiny Shabby (new) Make up: Zibska ~ Noir Pack Vol 09 @Ultra(new) Eyes: - SU!- Astrid Eyes@AnyBody (new) Skin: Bold & Beauty - Sebastian (new)
Body: Belleza - Jake (new) Pose: Inertia - Remember (soon)

Did I dream you dreamed about me?

Skin: Bold & Beauty Homme - Sebastian catwa Applier (new) Hair:  elua - Quinn 1 @TMD (new) Eyes: SU! - Astrid Eyes (new) Ears: Swallow -  Ears Elf Fri. -  - Mummy.Wrap (previous gacha) (Feather -  it's so old, you can't get it anymore !)

In the half light

Pose: Inertia - Half Light (new) Gabriel - Leather high neck vest (RARE)@TMD (new) Hair: Dura - *B77@TMD (new) [CX] - Mercenary's Arm Band

Tipping Point

Pose: Inertia - Tipping Point (new) [Gild] high-necked half top gray on black@ Fameshed (new) {Livalle} Hax - Combat Boots@Shoetpia (new) ...Scars... - Leather Pants M [Black]
[CX] -  Soul grips [CX] - Canidae claws Lovely Disaray - Cursed Hands (ink)
Raw House - Trilby
 Mr Vanomer - geomtric block background

Don't be scared. I've done this before...

Image me your teeth ::GB:: - Leather Short Hoodie (@ We <3 RP) (new) ::GB:: - Metallic Long nail Gloves (@ We <3 RP) (new) [Gild] Round studs necklace (CCB Gift) Catwa Teeth Daniel Izzie - Bloody Tears and Lips (only lips used)  SU! -  Albino Eyes and make up
Pose from- Inertia  (soon!)

Home, for now, anyway

Items from The Arcade, CCB, K9 and Madpea International Food Festival
Build :HAIKEI: like a humid day_Gacha / RARE (kustom9 - Feb) JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 14. Sleepy Adult JIAN Scruffy Shepherds 7. Companion Silver Black {vespertine}-artistic tray +Half-Deer+ Fallow Deer - Fawn - Watchful [ keke ] little tree - spring {vespertine}- cup of your tea / customer appreciation gift {vespertine} stacked drawers table. *AF* Art Studio Brushes in Jar PLAAKA LogPot (Rubber Tree) {vespertine} green means life - green pearl plant 2 RARE
Other items Soy. Retro Electronic Heater [Navy]

Studio area Arcade stuff [ContraptioN] Wainwright's Toys: Messenger Owl *red* [ContraptioN] Music Box: Idol of War Kalopsia - Bibi's Can Plants ( all 3 sets) The Secret Store - Arty Books Sari-Sari - A Bit of Wonderland - Book Stack The Secret Store - Sketchbooks The Secret Store - Succulents PLAAKA WallHangingIvy Semicircle {vespertine} green means life - tiny succulents 1/ - 4
Other items uK - Victorian Fence (new) [DDD] Ivy Groundcov…


Air - Glass spray white @CCB9 (Anniversary gift) (new) .{Psycho:Byts} - Bunny gas mask @Siucide Dollz (new)

Don't just stand there

barberyumyum - 86M for FLF (new) {S0NG} Shiro - Moon Eye @TMD (new)

Love blind

Head - Letluka Bento head - Simone Skin: YS&YS - Immortal skin applier @ We <3 RP(new) [][]Trap[][] - Fuzz Gloves @We <3 RP (new) Hair: Taketomi West  - Alexa Eyes: - Suicidal Unborn - Phantom Eyes  Make up: Adored - Molten tears @The Coven (new) The Annex - Lili Camisk - White

All we have to see

Doux - Angel Hairstyle Not so bad  - Hans jacket @TMD for Feb

Always ends the same

Pose: Inertia - brink (new) +elua+ Leah @Uber(new) ::Military B-Jacket with hoodie @Signature Event(new) Parker - nelson jeans@Uber(new)

The moment lasts

Pose: Inertia - Moment(new) ::GB::One-shoulder jacket (Rare) @The Epiphany (new) Hair: Tram - G0106 (new)

Watching all the time

Pose - Inertia - all the time (new) :Haikei - Save room for my love_gacha RARE@ K9 (new) :Haikei - Save room for my love_gacha {4}@K9 (new) Sorgo - N* AshTray Sorgo - Geek Ashtray  (Lighter) Sorgo - Geek Ashtray (Cigaret pack)

Am I a photo? I can't remember.

Aitui - Military Jacket - Homing Raven@ TMD (new) Beusy - Krit Mesh Hair w/ Cap *katat0nik* - (textures change) Leg Bandana

I'm just a ghost you walk right through

Hair: Tram - F1215 @Crossroads (new)