You should have known I bite back

darkenStare - OmNom Wings dexteR/Sinister (RARE) (new)
Shadenfreude - Mustella Skull Necklace  (new)
Gabriel - Gladiator Belt (RARE) (previous gacha)
S- Raw cut Denim -  Black
Dura - Boy*67
Catwa Teeth - Daniel fangs
Dirty Secrets - Drool  (blood version)
ContraptioN - Rip Claws
[CX] Spiked Fury - Clean black
Tabou - Andy Face Harness
Cubic Cherry - {Pitch} Raven Pauldron
Vale Koer - Aggro Stompers
{anc} - Lacecurtain - Fairy tale
{anc} -  feather chips {whitedye black}
Body & Face Tattoo - TWC - Scratched
Eyes - Izzie - Demon Eyes (Previous FLF)
Pose - Inertia - Creepy crawler


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