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White noise

Foxcity. Photo Booth - Neon City VOL3 White  cinphul // crummy @Cosmopolitan (new) tram H0419 hair@Uber (new) Riot / Zac Tee @Fameshed Go (new) Semler Hybrid Parka Represent - Utility Jeans {Livalle} Hax - Combat Boots 
Pose: Inertia - Half Arsed Sit

Last of the Dreamers

Vango - Alex @MOM(new) ::Static:: Andouiller - Feathered {Walnut} @Fantasy Faire(new) [Gild] Short tank with long loop_black @Man Cave(new) ::GB:: koshikimono [CX} Fighter's mark [ keke ] hogweed shimmer maxi [ keke ] fluffy grass . winter  [ keke ] soft grass  +Half-Deer+ Thorny Vine Jian - raven companion and orbiter

Chicken dinner

From THOR gacha @ illuminate (new)  Diner Industrial Table Diner Industrial Stool Hamburger (giver) Paper Placemat Coffee Paper Cup (giver) LiveLoveEat Neon Sign StrawLamp Sauces  Slate Brick Wall - big (wired) SPECIAL Wall Cast Iron Lamp RARE MiniJuke Shuffle ULTRARARE
[ContraptioN] Wainwright's Toys: Innocent Flower Bird @Bloom (new)

You know I'd change

Not Found - Julian @Sense (new) Conviction - Lucid Eyes, Essentials (RARE #01)@The Epiphany (new) Clemmm+Hotdog - Essential Turtlenecks, Blue@The Epiphany (new) Stealthic - Rebellion


[ keke ] garden brigde@Bloom (new) [ keke ] scruffy grass LB_ShingleOak{Seasons} LB_WildLindenTree.v1{Animated} LB_PoplarTree.v1{Animated} TLC - Kingfisher +Half-Deer+ Fallow Deer - Fawn Skye -  Riverbank TLC Pond - bulrush

I'll bleed you dry

Modulus - Mason Hair @ManCave(new) Contraption - Desideratus Sentinel's Crown@Ironwood Hills (new) Hotdog - High collar (new) Cureless - Dilated Eyes (previous FLF) Contraption - Bento Teeth Swallow - Pixie ears Dirty Secrets - Bento Drool  TWC - Rabbid tattoo Background - cinphul  // saimdang [mirror]

When the sun hits

Soy. Skirt Covered Chaise Longue [double]@C88 (new) Soy. Potted Olive Tree@C88 (new) Soy. Vintage Metal Basket 1@C88 (new) Dahlia - Pluvio - Poppies Book (For Deco(r)ate April) Apple Fall Potting Shed Book (LoR Hunt prize) tarte. daisy jar@C88 (new) Apple Fall Nest w/ Speckled Eggs (LoR Hunt prize) Soy. Shabby Wooden Side Table@C88 (new) Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles Nutmeg. Vintage Laundry Container Second Spaces - Country Chic Hutch - whisper@C88 (new) 1. Nutmeg. Vintage Rotary Dial Creme RARE Serenity Style- Canadian Friendly Ferrets -Naughty RARE {vespertine}- hanging pothos.@C88 (new) Nutmeg. Silver Wall Sconce Loft & Aria - Tennyson Mirror ionic : LesPaul & Amp PILOT & Can't Even - Shutter Sidebard Table [White]@C88 (new) Loft & Aria - Dixie Candle Holders@C88 (new) Fancy Decor: Flora Window Prints@C88 (new) Apple Fall Basil Sproutlings (LoR Hunt prize) Loft & Aria - Dixie Slipper Chair With Pillow@C88 (new) :CP: Allison Floor Frames [ keke ] hygge sofa table . white Apple Fall Cof…

So now where?

Dura - Anime 06 @Neo-Japan (new) Taikou - Nighttime Bus Stop Backdrop@Neo-Japan (new) Queen of Ink - Spark Eyes @Shiny Shabby(new) Lovely Disarray - Devil May Care Facial Set@Bodyfy(new) Mossu - David T shirt


Kalback - Original Jeans M5_Dark @TMD (new) Stealthic - Baron @TMD (new) Cold Ash - Mens mesh basic socks @TMD (group gift) 
..::THOR::.. Study Armchair @ Uber (new) Cinphul - Mangles Soy - Corrugated Blinds :Haikei: Just lazy Rug / V.2 Pose: Inertia - Hour  of dread

Signs of Life

[Merak] - Kyokkyo house@NeoJapan (new) :CP: Allison Bed (Adult)@The Clique (new) :CP: Essentials Curtains - Grey Stars @Fameshed(new) {anc} display frame {dark brown} 1Li @Uber(new) Con.&floorplan. Radiator - Light - Bookcase@The Clique (new) *pm* City Ord. - No Hippies Allowed (Faded)  @Ironwood Hills:Parania(new) [ keke ] light bubble . stringed . black (new) cinphul // depressed duffel [grey]@The Men Jail (new) Sari-Sari - Round Metal Organizer @The Clique (new) anxiety %weirdo soda@The Clique (new) :CP: Allison Night Table@The Clique (new) [ContraptioN] Decor: Basement Dweller's Station B @The Clique (new) {Q-Essentials} Alpha Bravo Desk (new) :CP: Essentials Tall Bookcase Drawers - Black @Fameshed(new) [Bad Unicorn] 'Retro Robot' Sleepover Set @Fameshed (new) Sari-Sari - Wire Board @The Clique (new) anxiety %weirdo art supplies @The Clique (new) O.M.E.N - Dog Park Day - 5 - Mr. Moo {Q-Essentials} Adrenaline Molecule {Q-Essentials} Caffeine Molecule ..::THOR::.. Old's Cool Radio io…

An I for an I

Modulus - Baptiste @Fameshed (new) Gild -  Leather arm loop top with Tank_black @Fameshed (new) Gild - Around rope pants_black Bird skull top necklace_silver @MOM (new) [CX] -  Origin Wraps