A pain that I'm used to

Skin: Fruk - Fade to grey - Lennon skin
Hair: Boon - DTU831 hair ash
Ears: []Trap[] - Gelf ears (new)
Body tattoo: [Gauze] Idra tattoo/ Gargoyle (new)
Face make up:
1. Clemm - Sleepless Day 6
2. +Nuuna+ - Zion black
Eyes: Dead Apples - Sinistre Darkness/Bleached (new) 
Claws: [in.Ju] Claws
Legs: Titanias - Faun Obsidian
Location: Alirium

The Gelf ears come with a hud for colour change of skin, glow, transparency, size etc.
The body tattoo comes in loads of different colours.


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