The Epoch-Legend event starts this weekend .
Feb 26th 0.00 AM - March 11th 0.00 AM (no LM at time of blog publish).
DM has three items at the event and they will only be availabe there and no where else, ever!
There is a case to be argued that I spend too much time with my Meeroos and am in fact, turning into one.
Skin: Tableau Vivant - Zero - Fantasia (Onyx)
Hair: Raw House -  Khaos
Hair base: Aitui -Etched hair base, Monumentum
Eyes: Avid - Blue Mist (Black sclera)
Makeup 1: Tableau Vivant - Vincent makeup , Silver Spry
Makeup 2: La malvada Mujer - pois moderno #5
Body tattoo: [DH] Tintable Body Paint
Gloves: goth1c0 - Clean gloves with white fingertape
Prop and pose: 'DM - Escher - Stars'.  A MESH star polyhedron and four poses. (Exclusive to Epoch-Legend event)
*Special Meeroo guests -  Nebuchadnezzer, Berserker and Nabonidus.
*(No meeroo was harmed in the making of this photo)


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