Epoch-Legend is open. I suggest you go have a look. :)
Skin: Nivaro - Cunov, ghoststone - nohair
Hair: [Iruco] Epoch-B (new @Epoch-legend)
Hairbase: Aitui - Standard hairbase (x2)
Eyes: Damned - Eyes 34
Makeup: la malvada Mujer - yes sir #1
Waistcoat: [Iruco] Vest - (new @Epoch-legend)
Pants: [Iruco] cropped trousers - (new @Epoch-legend)
Tape: SiniStyle - taped fist and black nails (thin wrists- fingers)
Shoes: Vader's - All - Black
Pose: :=-3M-=: standing1_m_001
Location: {vespertine} - sense of  (new @Epoch-legend)

Chair: *Y's HOUSE* Round Chair 02
Pose: DM - Waiting room male
Location: {vespertine} - sense of  (new @Epoch-legend)


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