The sea was calm...

Another round of the Grunge Soul Project.. A&M have three tees there... this one, a plain one and a panda one that has to be seen to be believed.. I wear the panda one a lot in the hope of offending someone. The tees have really good prim sleeeves that fit perfectly.
The scarf isn't new but it's my favorite. It's a flexi one with really good movement. It comes in loads of different textures and colors.

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Zero
Hat/hair: Drot - The Jordan
Scarf: ::Static:: - Original Reaper scarf
Tee: .:A&M :. - Dark Gret T-Shirt (Kraken)
Pants: [NV] - Baggy 0.0 black
Shoes: [JP]:dsg - HighPads


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