Hybrid killer

Always on the lookout for interesting bits of metal.. found this armor which is an easy mod to fit, unless you have arms the same thickness as a fire hydrant. There is leg armor too but trust me, if you're a guy, you are not going to get away with wearing it.

Armor: [KI] Hardsuit Arm - Stealth

The mask, from the same store is brilliant! You can have tubes or filters, (right, left or both). Particles can be vapour (clear) or gas (green) or none. Lens can be clear, dark or opaque and the sound can be loud, quiet or off.

Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent
Eyes: Repulse - Biohazard eyes
Hairbase - Madesigns - Trib 8Make up: Sorry.Asia - Face stripe
Hair: *Birth* - Racer hair
Mask: [KI] Kojima SLR-07 Gas Mask 1.0