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Lots of newness here .. where to start.. Well, new pet, he's a rescue owl. With a bit of an attitude. He was rejected from Hogwarts RP sim apparantly, for failing the entrance exam. He was asked a particularly difficult question about delivering a letter. His reply was  "Why don't you text like everyone else on the planet, you dumb f***".
I did  try to explain about RP but all he did was give me a look and regurgitate a pellet on my shoulder. No matter, I'm going to sell it on Ebay, I just need to get creative with the description. 
I decided to name him "Chip". But then,  my pet butterfly took offense at not having a name... He's now called "Fish". He seems happy with that, he doesn't remember that guy from Marillion.. I wish I didn't either.
When I first got the butterfly, his default possition was right by my bum. I said it wasn't a good idea to stay down there too long, considering what I'd had for supper so we decided my shoulder was a safer spot. 
Was I rambling then? I think I was.
So, firefly stuffs was the reason for this post...  they are props with poses in them so stuff you, sims with no rez! P~~~~ 
Also, prim eyes so I can see me in the dark. (errr, whut?) Some tintable ink and some very pointy ears.

Skin: the body co. - Fox
Hair: Drot - The Josh (auburn)
Eyes: [Beautifully grotesque] Contaminated eyes (Blood Orange)
Ears: MW ilweran : Elven/Fairy ear Galen
Make up:
1. La Malvada Mujer - Yes Sir #4
2. La Malvada Mujer - Yes Sir #1
Tattoo: :: yayo :: - Primal body tattoo
Necklace: - Shepherd's Glen Necklace (amber)
Firefly stuff: [LAP]
Owl: Extrovirtual -  Flying pet Red Owl
Buttlerfly: Drop Dead - BUTTerfly


  1. WOO love this man did such a great job your sooo creative and i want Fish that is MINE!!! you can keep chip.. although he's cute tooo hah hah :)love the faderhead tune too :D


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