Double Dare

Tintable hairbases... and about time! I'm wearing two that are the same.. one is black,  one white. I just liked the effect better than just a white one. Yes, this skin does come with a hairbase version but the hairlines didn't match.
The shoulder and arm strap were a total bitch to get the right, meh. You may find it easier.

Hair: Raw House - Urban Savage 2
Skin: Tableau Vivant - Vincent
Hair base: MADesign - tintable hair base - Tribe 8
Jeans: Goth1c0 - Saint Jeans Super Low
Belt: *Blitzed* - Legacy Belt
Boots: Tonktastic - Long Combat Boots
Cuff: .:Hermony:. - Wrist locker
Shoulder and armpad: epoque.s - Armourpad
Arm Guard: Cobrahive - Armor Shield
Finger tape: Envious - Fashionadict finger tape
Goggles: [LH] - Multipurpose Goggles (white)
Piercings: .HoD. - Thrust
Mask: Cobrahive - Escaping Lecter
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Human Code


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