Ready Master Control?

Whoever decided that being able to wear multiple tattoo layers was a good thing, deserves a medal or a knighthood, or something! I rarely wear less than three face tattoos. So, if you're still knocking around in ye olde Phoenix viewer I suggest you update your arse to Firestorm.  I suppose I should be singing the praises of the official SL viewer but in my opinion it *is* the spawn of Satan.. and not in a good way.
Anyway, onto the post.. This season I'll mostly be wearing..  (Fast Show flashback there.. :p)
Right, so.. The shirt is from :Defectiva:  ....nice gear but they need to make more stuufff!
I did mod the sleeves.. they just didn't look right the length they were for this look. The knee pads are from a different Defectiva outfit.
Hair: Raw House - Khaos (Black)
Hair base: Aitui - Etched hair base - Monumentum
Headset: TonkTastic - Tactical Headset (wireless)
Jacket: :Defectiva: - Fortress Jacket
Pants: Deviance -  Leather Pants
Knee Pads: :Defectiva: - Part of Special Forces set
Cuff: *Blitzed* - Legacy cuff
Taped hands:  SiniStyle - Taped fist (full palm)
Tattoo: Garden of Ku - Neo GoK  Forbidden Planet (Black, hard)
Face tattoo: Nuuna -Nuuna's make up v3.(7)
Face tattoo: - War Paint


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