Demon's Game

New couple pose from Inertia for TMD 5th May
Pose: Inertia - Demon's game (new) @ TMD
Pose - Inertia - Demon's Game
Available from TMD from 5th of May

(Demo available at Inertia Store) 

{S0ng} - :: Yuna~ Dante Eye *SOI @ Gacha Garden (new)
(* need to play 20 times before you get this eye and 3 otherother pairs)
::GB:: - Grow tank top
Tabou - Grunge Face straps - Black Silver
{S0NG} - :: Helli~ Vampi Eye
[CX] Bloody Tongue
Yasum - Kerchief
::GB:: Metallic nail Grove (his spelling, not mine)

C L A Vv. - Ripped Scarf Leather Black (gacha)
Breathe - Ragged Clothing
Argrace - Arata
Mandala - Steking ears

you need to read the lyrics or else you'll turn into your parents and say "I don't understand a word he's saying !"


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