Solitary experiments

Just a quick blog about new stuff from some of my favourite stores.

Skin: *Birth* - Nico - pale, stubble (new)
Hair: Burbury - Carlo
Hat: Hermony - Oversized beanie black
Scar: VCD - Express Yourself - Scar - Eyebrow cut (new)
Eyes: Hermony - MP eyes, coffee
Top: Romsem - Old Raglan, Black (new)
Pants: Ronsem - Cargo pants, Black
Boots: Tonktastic -  50's Jump Boots (new)
Tape: SiniStyle - Taped fist, black nails
Chair: Y's House -LD Chair 01 (new)
Set: Y's House - OMISE002

Hijikoi, my oldest roo - meepet.  
Whurligig - Notched, curly Snowpaw I bred from scratch.


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