My soul to keep

Sorry for the absence, but you know me, I don't blog shit I don't wear.

Sooo, new stuff!  A new skin that has such an expressive face.. some "fantasy" skins can be really flat but this one is just brilliant and it comes in like a zillion  colours!
great hat from Wasabi Pills, new eyes from Repulse and well basically, read on!

Skin: {Rue} - Skin'd/Pneuma - Dakuwaqa Bare (NBr/NFr)
Eyes: Repulse - Livor Mortis (blue)
Hat/hair: Wasabi Pills -Magician Hair (storm)
Eyebrow Scar: VCD - Express Yourself Scar - Eyebrow cut left a-b
Make up: [ES]>Itzel< Eye Shadow dark
Necklace: Kosh - Your Sould To Keep necklace
Coat: []Trap[] - Spiked Coat black (open collar)
Sleeves: Fuzz Gloves, (black base)
Pants: []Trap[] - Spiked pants (black)

Some Rammstein I've been playing to death from the "Made in Germany" album.


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