Face the aeon storms

Right, so.. a skin I keep wearing but haven't blogged until now. Some new hair that you don't have to mod if you're wearing  these goggles, so yay! New pants and um boots too. :]

Skin: - Vaya Con Dias - Rafael - Tone 1 - Stubble
Hair: Raw House - Destroyer 2 HxC Black
Eyes: Redgrave - David Auroa
Goggles: Tonktastic - Snow Goggles
Scarf: Tonktastic - Keffiyeh
Tattoo: Para Designs - Neptune black, dark
Pants: Tonktastic - Paratrooper fatigues
Boots: Redgrave - Survivor Boots
Socks: Maitreya - Scrunched Prim socks

Location: Kingdom of Sand.
(You need to get an Explorer tag unless you wanna get yourself got.)

Ivardensphere ~ Ancients


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