From closer to near

FRUK have decided to make mesh gear. Yay and stuff !
OMG! I am never taking this shit off ! And I might even start wearing colours! ikr?! 
Anyway, loads of pics so you can see the amazing detail and all the colours.
The pants come with two cuff styles, boot and regular and two pant styles, with or without suspenders shading, in eight colours.The Tee has a rolled sleeve and comes in eight colours.
So, all this will be availavle at the weekend and FRUK's new store, along with the complete Jeremy skin line !
Skin: Fruk - Jeremy skin shade 3
Pants: Fruk - BioTech pants, Black
T Shirt: Fruk -  Halcyon Tee, Black

   ★★★★★★LOADS OF COLOURS ★★★★★★


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