Just a bit of a break from the norm

The biggest collection 
of plastic flamingoes in...
The World 
Second Life 
My Sim 
From The Arcade:
-tb- Vintage Camper - Navy
{what next} Homely Washing Line
[PM]Pixel Mode - THG - Garden Hose
Zigana . herbs . three
Lark - Chalkboard
Lark - Potatoes
Lark - Asiago Cheese
Lark - Lemons
Lark - Tomatoes
Lark - Preserves
[PM]Pixel Mode - THG - Hanging Seed Bags
[PM]Pixel Mode - THG - Plant Markers
Lark - Produce Containers
[PM]Pixel Mode - THG - Empty Sack
* S O R G O - Bag of Euros RARE
* S O R G O - Silent 11.43 RARE
* S O R G O - Euros Stack 200e
* S O R G O - Pile of Euros Stack
* S O R G O - Folded Stack 20e
Lark - Sunflowers
* S O R G O - BlackBlury RARE
[PM]Pixel Mode - THG - Watering Can
Zigana . empties
Zigana . weeds . two
Zigana . weeds . one
7 - Pool Sign RARE
7 - Neon Arrow

From elsewhere:
vespertine - crate simple. (FLF)
vespertine - crate/vegetables (FLF)
vespertine - fabric bunting/spring (FLF)
Zigana . bistro table (FLF)
{what next} Pre-loved Lawn Chair  (Ocean Blue)
Pixel Mode - Grungy Broken BillBoard (MP)
[DDD] Gardenbed - Empty - Square End
[DDD] Lil' Garden Plot - Carrots
[DDD] Sunflowers
Virtual Decay - Busted wire fence
Booshie pets

Pixel Mode - Grungy Broken BillBoard (MP)
(own texture added using UUID) 
Schadenfreude - Plastic Flamigos ((previous gacha)


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