Cake taste challenge

Guest blogger .. Froggy!
All food from Atelier Kreslo Festival
Roz's Choco-Cherry OMGFROSTING  Cake
Pose: Del May - by the scruff
Chocolate frog
 DIGS - Chocolate Sponge
Pose: Del May - Holey sock

"This isn't cake ! It's mushroom soup.. Ewwwww!" 
new pose from Del May - Ewww    coming soon!
 Breno's Bread Bowl Soup

"Going to need a ladder for this... or a blowpipe."
 Kaz Nayar's Tall Birthday Cake
Pose: Inertia - gazer

"I'm stuck.. anyone got a toffee hammer?"

DIGS - Millionaire's Shortbread
Pose: Del May - Jump me male


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