It's nearly time !

OMG it's The Arcade !
*panic runs around the sim and trips over while reading long list of 'machines to play'*

So, I'm going to start this gacha fest with items from two Arcade regulars. 
8f8 and Ispachi.
You know they always produce great stuff and this round is no exception.
And more to come.. if I can get on the sim !
The Arcade - begins March 1st

8f8 - Primavera in Toscana
8. Vineyard Pergola
10. Pair of Curtains
19. Armchair
27. Stove
30. Shelf
33. Chest
35. Pair of Chairs

Ispachi -  Garden Friends
Pickles the Chipmunk
Sniffles the Bunny
 Cap'n Oink the Piglet
Quackers the Duckling

Hideki - Hallway Rug
[ kunst ] - Shabby frames 
[ kunst ] - Old iron - RARE
{Reverie} - Honey Pie Windows and Wood Planks
[ kunst ] - Biscuit tin box / red
[ kunst ] - Camping mug / steel
junk - cream animal rug.

Soy - Kerosene heater w/ kettle [White]
AF Recycled Desk
Kalopsia - Orchids (Natural White)
Hideki - Door Shelf
oyasumi - notepad
Hideki - Morning Coffee
AF Woodstock
AF - Mission Pillows #5
AF - Apple Line
BP* - hydroponics  bulb 5
ionic - Northern House
Sway's - [Suzie] key holder / note board (FLF)
Hideki - Drawer
Intrigue Co. - Kitschy Kittens: Nemo
floorplan. bingo card holder
Atelier Kreslo Festival - Tala Laval's Blackbirds Baked in a Pie
[we're Closed] - linen rug brown
[we're Closed] - linen rug stripe brown

Ispachi -  Garden Friends
Paws & Pals RARE (Including frisbee)
Pokey the Hedgehog

8f8 - Primavera in Toscana
9. Wall Grapevine Right
36. Clay Pots
38. Garden Sink

AF - Bee Hive (Old)
[DDD] Sunflowers
Fanatik Architecture - Grass (group Gift)

Build - *Y's HOUSE* OMISE002[1/4]_Group gift .ver


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