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The 6° Republic event is still going on until the 27th. Taxi
Ionic are having a gacha sale from previous The Chapter Four events at the new sim. Taxi
And... If you missed the 24 hour Apple Fall gacha sale... ooops
 *ionic* Books for awake
Fancy Decor: Cinder Block Table (stained) (6° Republic)
[ kunst ] - Boho carpet #1 RARE
[ kunst ] - Boho carpet #8
Sari-Sari - Assorted Mail
Apple Fall Coffee & Muffin
HIDEKI -Recycled Table
HIDEKI - Recycled Pallet Sofa (5)
*ionic* radio tres
O.M.E.N - The Happy Gardener - Flowering Cactus (Previous TLC)
Apple Fall Books & Map
Zaara [home] : 14 Pile of books
oyasumi / balance shelf / light
Sari-Sari - Old School - Shelf Unit RARE
Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - vintage cigar boxes RARE
*AF* Houseplant Dieffenbachia with Shadow
* Sorgo - Rusty Lamp / Creme (6° Republic)
oyasumi / oyasumi heater / white
*ionic* My Plant
Apple Fall Ceramic Bottles
Second Spaces - Flea Market Finds - crate of old music
{vespertine - bookcase unit 2. light}
Cica's black cat 1

+CONVAIR+ The Foundry (courtyards) (6° Republic)
Hayabusa Design Elegant Tree M15-1 M5 v1-1 (6° Republic)

 Hayabusa Design MO Pennisetum M2 v1-1
Botanical - Dragonfly Emitter 1.6
[AG] Iris Plant -Yellow
Botanical - Waterlily cluster 4 - Yellow
8f8 - silent conversations - Koi Shiro Bekko
8f8 - silent conversations - Koi Aka Bekko
8f8 - silent conversations - Koi Kohaku
8f8 - silent conversations - Koi Asagi
8f8 - silent conversations - Koi Ki Bekko
.:revival:. garden stove (Shiny Shabby - May)
Hayabusa Design Flower Small Field Hand done F6b 1
Botanical - Seasonal Boxwood Bush (Cone) 1x2x1
Botanical - Seasonal Boxwood Bush (Round) 2x2x2
Apple Fall Spring Parasol
Apple Fall Cafe Chair
Apple Fall Barrel Chair
Apple Fall Clawfoot Height-Adjusting Table
Apple Fall Bistro Planter
Rusty Metal Planters and Water Tank - not for sale

 8f8 - Nosey Mole
8f8 - Green Lookout
[DDD] New Carrot Garden Plot
[DDD] Sunflower - In a row
[DDD] Chicken Coop Building
[DDD] Lil' Garden Plot - Cabbage
[DDD] Lil' Garden Plot - Corn
[DDD] Wood & Rope Picket Fence
08 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana  Vineyard Pergola Variant
DECO - Hay Bail
+Half-Deer+ Great Horned Owl - Dark (Forward)

Kalopsia - Shed 2 - Plain - Teal (new) (No.21)
36 - 8f8 - primavera in Toscana Clay Pots
*ionic* Zorrito Durmiendo
*ionic* Zorrito Sentado
{vespertine} -shovel
{vespertine} -lawn rake
{vespertine} - pitchfork
.:revival:. rustic table
[DDD] Produce Crate - Cabbage
[DDD] Produce Crate - Carrots
Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - Plant Cuttings RARE
Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - Seedlings
Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - Seed Packets
Lark - Lemons
O.M.E.N - The Happy Gardener - Happy Lemon Tree (Previous TLC)
Sari-Sari - Mrs. Bumpkin's Garden - Watering Can
Apple Fall Potting Shelf
{vespertine} -leafy rake
AF Bee Hive (Old)

 Token&Tribe- Industrial Wall Lamp (Steel) (new) @ 21
Soy - Antique garden tile sink (BL)
[DDD] Turtlebag

 Kalopsai - Plants - Floor (new) (No.21)
(I put a cactus in the empty one)

 poche-ishigama ver2
.:revival:. garden bench (new) (Shiny Shabby - May)
.:revival:. fire wood stack (new) (Shiny Shabby - May)
.:revival:. garden tabl e(new) (Shiny Shabby - May)
Apple Fall Privacy Fencing
*ionic* Pizza! (new) (The Chapter Four)
*AF* Succulents Boarded - Weathered
poche - Strawberry tart of spring Blueberry
Apple Fall Lemon Whip Drizzle Cake (Group Gift)
Apple Fall Lemonade Bucket (Click to Vend) (Group Gift)

oyasumi / retractable seat dining table (6° Republic)
[ kunst ] - Boho carpet #7
LISP - Anna Tea Lights Pack
[Con.] Bluebird String Light Trellis (Previous C88)


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