Beside the seaside

Pose: Inertia - I had this thing (new)
Shorts: Pumpkin - TMP Denim Shorts, Grey @TMD (new)

Ionic - Outside set (RARE) (new)
Ionic - Sweet mice (new)
Ionic - Happy Muffins (new)

Poche - Vitamin colour summer dessert jar, glasses and mat (new) 

                  [Black Bantam] Thank you ! :)
Indie Picnic Popsicles & Fruit Pile 
Indie Picnic Fruit Crate
 Indie Picnic Fruit In Basket
 Indie Picnic Grapefruit

Ionic - Excalibur <3 (Mice)
Ionic - Sam Mice
!Ohmai - Ivory Gull
Miamai - TCS_Floatie Panda Blue


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