gen- neutral event

Inertia Poses  for the GEN-neutral event which starts on 12th September
(LM to follow)
Here are just a few of the fourteen new poses
Inertia - Hold your breath  (new)

 Inertia - weather eye  (new)

Top: [Pumpkin]TMP. - Apron tee- Back only @TMD (new)
Pants: Gabriel - Ripped pants (TMP)_Black @TMD (new)
Hair: Dura -Boys&Girls*57

cinphul // moon curtains @Cosmopolitan  (new)
 Pixicat - Bastet.Sphynx (Sit) @The Arcade  (new)

 Inertia - feelin kwizi  (new)

Inertia - commit yourself  (new)


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